WebSwipe: Arrested Development Paper Dolls – Kyle Hilton

What am I doing today? Watching Arrested Development on Netflix! I normally don’t collect action figures for live action shows, but I’d be all in for the Bluths. I’d want a banana stand playset and a stair car vehicle too. Sadly, the show doesn’t even have bobble heads.

But during my search, I found these Arrested Development paper dolls by Kyle Hilton (see all of them at Kyle’s Tumblr). He’s even got two versions of Tobias – the variant is Blue Man Group Tobias – just awesome.

“And the one son who had no choice but to keep them all together…”

Sadly, we’ve come to the last (but not least) Bluth. I saved him for last because it just felt right. Michael is the perfect foil for all of your crazy, dysfunctional Bluth family paper dolls. I’m putting together a Complete Set that collects all 10 paper dolls in one PDF. It will have all the dolls I’ve posted as of now, and a little extra something for those that take the time to download it. I’ll post it a little later tonight, but for now enjoy Michael and all his boring old nice-guyness.

via Arrested Development paper dolls | Kyle Hilton.