Superman: Never Ending Battle –

Superman: Man of Steel opens today, and in a timely fashion, Bill has shared his latest comic with us. It’s a Superman tale called Never Ending Battle, in which Supes faces off with not one, but two of his enemies. Be sure to check out more of his comics at Bill’s Comics.

Superman: Never Ending Battle
Superman: Never Ending Battle

via Bill Sandefur’s Comics home.

2 thoughts on “Superman: Never Ending Battle –”

  1. Great comic Ninjak.  The battle with Mongul should have been a bit longer, but over all, great stuff.  I like how authentic you kept the Lois character.  Always playing her hand wayyyyy to early.  LOL

  2. Thanks much PharoahJahlon. I really appreciate the feedback.
    And yes, in hindsight, I think I would have made an entire comic with Superman just battling Mongul, and then made the stuff with Lex Luthor “Part 2” of a two part story. However, the “super-powered” fight scenes are always a challenge to choreograph, and I couldn’t figure out how to make too much longer, and still keep it interesting. I was afraid it was going to turn into “Superman punches Mongul, then Mongul punches Superman, then Superman punches Mongul, and so on”. That’s probably why I like doing Batman stories so much. He’s just a regular dude, so I don’t have to have him smashing through walls and punching guys through buildings and such. 🙂

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