Border Patrol: Marvel Legends Ladies of X-treme X-Men, Pepper Potts Rescue, and Living Tribunal

Marvel Legends X-treme X-Men Ladies

Marvel Legends X-treme X-Men Ladies by Loosecollector and Rateeg – this set of previously owned customs were commissioned from some of the best customizers from the Philippines – comes with Jean Grey, Storm, Psylocke, White Queen and Sage – ends Jul 18, 2013 20:04:42 PDT

In AFP’s Border Patrol, we scour active eBay auctions for customized action figures that you won’t want to let slip by!

Marvel Legends Pepper Potts Rescue 1 Marvel Legends Pepper Potts Rescue 2

Marvel Legends Pepper Potts Rescue by Kimota – this isn’t the first Pepper Potts Rescue that has graced Border Patrol, but this one is accurate to the comic’s color palette – I find it amazing that adding boobs to an Iron Man figure is enough to make it work – some of the recent designs are decidedly androgynous when compared to the clunkier early models – ends Jul 16, 2013 19:00:55 PDT

Marvel Legends Living Tribunal 1 Marvel Legends Living Tribunal 2

Marvel Legends Living Tribunal by ToyManCustoms – there’s nothing like a three-headed omnipotent cosmic entity to balance your collection – the Living Tribunal stands at 13 inches, enough to oversee your Marvel Legends – ends Jul 17, 2013 04:04:08 PDT