NECA Packages Exclusive Kick-Ass 2 Action Figures for San Diego Comic-Con

NECA Kick-Ass 2 SDCC Exclusives

If you want the jump on Kick-Ass 2 action figures ahead of their planned release with the movie in August, then you’ll have to get your ass (or someone else’s) to San Diego Comic-Con, where the first of NECA’s line of Kick-Ass 2 figures will be available. And as a bonus, the SDCC versions will come with special packaging more aligned with the film’s R rating – they’ll be devoid of any censoring. To make the general release more retail friendly, any mentions of Kick-Ass and the Mother Fucker will appear on the regular packaging as KA and MFer.

It’s difficult to tell with the others, but I’m glad to see that Kick-Ass has got a lot more articulation than the one that NECA made for the first movie. That one was closer to a statue, while this one has Mattel hips, articulation in the torso, and elbros. That’s a big step up.

Cover the Kids’ Eyes!

Comic-Con is July 18-21 and we’ll be at Booth #3145 all weekend long with new and exclusive figures made just for the event. We’ve already detailed a bunch of others — the Betsy Ross Ax Handle Replica, Video Game Jason, the Albino Predator — and now it’s time for a special look at three new exclusively packaged figures from Kick-Ass 2!

The figures themselves — Kick-Ass, Hit Girl and the villainous The Motherf*cker — are the same as the retail versions, which will be on shelves in August, except with completely uncensored packaging. So obviously, while you see “CENSORED” on the packages above, the Comic-Con editions will not have those tags. Hey, we gotta keep the blog PG.

The Uncensored Kick-Ass 2 Series 1 Action Figures will ONLY be available at Comic-Con, so don’t miss out!

As always with our exclusives, quantities are limited. On the retail Kick-Ass 2 packages, the title character’s name and The Motherf*cker’s name will be abbreviated –KA, MFer, etc. — to keep it clean. But at Comic-Con, we’re free to go all-out, and this is the only time we’re going to have these figures available. We wouldn’t want to overdo it and get our mouths washed out with soap.

Kick-Ass 2 and Taking Names

NECA Kick-Ass 2 SDCC Exclusives - Kick-Ass NECA Kick-Ass 2 SDCC Exclusives - Hit Girl NECA Kick-Ass 2 SDCC Exclusives - Mother Fucker

Where to Go, What to Do

The regular, censored version of Kick-Ass 2 Series 1 will be out in August, but if you want the Hit Girl, Kick-Ass and Motherf*cker figures early and in their Rated-R editions, Comic-Con is the place to be. We’re at Booth #3145 all weekend long, and we’re selling the three individually packaged figures as a set for $75.

Don’t forget to check out our other Kick-Ass 2 exclusive: Colonel Stars & Stripes’ Ax Handle prop replica.

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