DC Collectibles Crime Syndicate Takes the Sting off of Losing Club Infinite Earths

When DC Collectibles put up the solicits for their Crime Syndicate figures, a few things weren’t clear. First, they only partially revealed Ultraman, Superwoman, and Power Ring, so knowing that three more characters in Owlman, Johnny Quick, and Atomica are coming is pretty cool, seeing as how we’ll be getting the big hitters in a couple of months.

Second, Atomica? It wasn’t clear from the solicits that this was a New 52 Crime Syndicate, but seeing as how everything is New 52 these days, I shouldn’t have been surprised. The designs are fairly similar to those from the Morrison / Quitely JLA: Earth 2 run, so I don’t have the automatic “I hate New 52 designs” that normally crop up.

But the big thing for me here is the articulation setup. Aside from Atomica, who looks like a slug pack-in for Johnny Quick, the guys have 25 POA while Superwoman loses the ab swivel for 24. With DC Universe Classics on the back burner in 2014, these new super-articulated figures could satisfy my DC fix. I hope these fly off the shelves and convince DC Collectibles to make this the standard – the rest of the New 52 figures coming are much less articulated than these guys.

The Crime Syndicate is Coming to DC Collectibles…

…so you might want to get caught up on who they are.

crime_syndicate_2_j_quick crime_syndicate_3_owlman crime_syndicate_4_powerring crime_syndicate_5_superwoman crime_syndicate_6_ultraman

An anonymous source over here at DC Collectibles managed to get a hold of this highly classified dossier that breaks down the key members of the Crime Syndicate, who can currently be seen causing all manner of mayhem in this week’s FOREVER EVIL #1. Whether this is your first run-in with the Syndicate or if you’ve tangled with these dark dopplegangers before, this file should be considered required reading before you let these very shady characters into your homes (and collections!).

Look for the new Crime Syndicate action figures to make their way to your favorite comic book and specialty stores in February and March, 2014. Or you shop for them online at Amazon or at www.shopdccollectibles.com.

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