Play Imaginative Announces Super Alloy 1/12 Scale Robocop for 1Q 2014

Play Imaginative continues to pick up niches in the available licenses. Hot Toys has 12-inch diecast Robocops and NECA has 7-inch plastic Robocop figures coming to market. The Super Alloys will sneak in between these two at 6-inches and likely upwards of 80% diecast. Also, since both the old and new logos are shown, maybe we’ll be seeing classic and new movie versions.

The Super Alloy 1/12 Iron Man figures are coming in at $100 and change, so that’s what I’ll expect for pricing for the Super Alloy RoboCop figure(s).

Play Imaginative Robocop Announcement

Super Alloy 1/12 Collectible Figure
Coming soon in Q1 2014

via Play Imaginative.