Star Wars Black Series 2014 Wave 1 Hi-Res Pics

Star Wars Black Series 6-inch 2014 Wave 1

We previously swiped (the low res) shots from of what we were calling “wave 3” of the 6-inch Star Wars Black Series figures. Hasbro has shown us some love and shared what we’re going to start calling “2014 wave 1” of the series – that’s the official word from Hasbro.

This wave still includes the regular Stormtrooper, Jedi Master Obi Wan Kenobi, and Bespin Luke Skywalker.  In hi-res, it’s a little harder to overlook the sad-face paint job on the eyes. Obi Wan and Luke are sad! I hope that as this line continues to succeed that we see some increased paint apps there.

7 thoughts on “Star Wars Black Series 2014 Wave 1 Hi-Res Pics”

  1. That picture on Luke’s package makes him look like a lesbian…but the figure is pretty cool. Kenobi is okay, but kind of disappointing considering how much better some of the 4-inch McGregors have been. Stormtrooper is amazing, glad they didn’t do some kind of blueish paintwash look like white outfits sometimes get.
    I understand starting with the main characters, and they’re cool, but I’m dying for more alien and droid characters in the line. IG-88 or General Grievous would be epic.

  2. I can’t wait for that Luke and Stormtrooper!  I hope I can afford to army build a few of them by the time they actually release.  Hopefully they will release a Bespin Han Solo (non-carbonite) and a Chewbacca soon!

  3. SamuRon SebastianIzaguirre Actually yeah! Or maybe a battle damage head, like the hot toys version!

  4. So, only 3 figures in the line instead of 4?
    Who here thinks they’ll pack the Stormtrooper at 2 per case??
    Also, egads, man! What happened to Bespin Luke??? I know as well as anyone the difference between a prototype and a production model, but GEEZ! Luke there took a pretty big dip. His proto looks SO nice and now… not so much.

  5. Another bad head-sculpt on Luke. I think the got closer with the Luke pilot likeness although it is still off.  I would probably pop off the Luke pilot head and put it on the Bespin body if I am going to display it.

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