MAD for the HolidAPE Dunny

Never too early, Kidrobot already has released their annual limited edition Holiday 2013 collectible dunny. This year, they collaborated with Jeremy “MAD” Madl for this HolidAPE 3-inch Dunny! Oh & yes, this guy comes with the seasonal joys of a BLIND BOX toy, there are 2 versions – Christmas and Channukah!  Get yours here: HolidAPE

Each year Kidrobot produces a limited edition collectible to commemorate our favorite c-words: Christmas and Chanukah! This year MAD and Kidrobot find out if banana jingle with the HolidAPE 3-inch Dunny!

This seasonal simian is full of yuletide… ‘Cheer’ giving voice to Christmas rage. Mystery packaged in a foil-stamped gift box, with a little Noel-nog you could shove this in your loved one’s stocking.

via HolidAPE Dunny 3-inch by MAD | Kidrobot | Kidrobot.