Masters of the Universe Classics Castle Grayskull Shipping and Day of Sales Update

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Mattel has shared info for its upcoming Masters of the Universe Classics Castle Grayskull shipments, as well as the day of sales plan for those of you looking to pick up one for your collection. The plan is to ship between 11/22 and 1/15, but at this point there’s no way to know when your Castle(s) will ship. For day of, it’ll be offered first during Early Access on 12/12, and if there’s any left, it’ll be up on 12/16. The cost before shipping will be $300.

Be sure to let us know when you get your Castle in!

Castle Grayskull Shipping Soon!

If you pre-ordered a Castle Grayskull, you’re going to want to start clearing out some shelf space, like a LOT of shelf space because this baby’s huge! We got our first production shipment in and we’re conducting test shipments now to ensure they arrive at your doorstep in the best condition possible. It’s also time to get your credit card ready to be charged.

The Castles will ship out sometime between 11/22 and 1/15, and your card will be charged when your order ships. Please note that there’s no guarantee they’ll ship in the same order that orders were placed. Customer Service doesn’t have a shipping schedule, so we’d appreciate if you don’t call them asking when yours will ship because they won’t know. If you don’t get a shipping confirmation by 1/15, then definitely do call then. And if you’re at all concerned about your credit card information or address not being correct, then you’ll want to call 800-GO-MATTY right away.

For those of you who didn’t place a pre-order, we’ll have a very small number available during our December Early Access sale on 12/12 at 8 a.m. PT. If there are any still left after Early Access, they’ll be available at our All Access sale on 12/16 at 9 a.m. PT. During both Early Access and All Access, the price is $300 each, there’s a two Castle per person limit, and the collection checklist isn’t included.

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