NECA Hunger Games Catching Fire In Stock at BBTS

IMG_20131013_195335_929-1 1300h-25013_Katniss 1300h-25014_Peeta 1300h-25015_Finnick

Catching Fire opens this Friday November 22. Back in July it was announced NECA would produce Catching Fire action figures for Katniss, Peeta and Finnick. Now they’re available and in stock at BigBadToyStore and temporarily out of stock at Entertainment Earth. You can get Katniss and Peeta separately or buy the trio as a set… and if you buy them all, maybe you can put it out of your mind that in the movie Jennifer Lawrence is a head taller than & towering over tiny little Josh Hutcherson, but I digress…

Speaking  of digression and living up to my username, who’s up for some Capitol Couture? May the odds be ever in your favor…

3 thoughts on “NECA Hunger Games Catching Fire In Stock at BBTS”

  1. Is mentioning what scale a line of figures are in too difficult for action figure websites? 😉

  2. if these were articulated, i’d snag several katnissese for the porpoises of customizing… alas, they are not, so i am left in a state of katnisslessness.
    for the other guy… NECA lives and dies on the 7 inch scale.

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