CC36: Legends of Warhammer, Wave 1 by Whiskeytango, Grinman, and Spawnsauce

Legends of Warhammer wave 1

Whiskeytango, Grinman, and Spawnsauce bring you Legends of Warhammer, wave 1.

#1 High Elf White Lion

The White Lions of Chrace are master axemen, and the personal body guards of The Phoenix King. To prove their mettle, they must hunt and kill one of the massive white lions from which they bear their names, armed only with their wits. They wear the pelts of the fallen animals to battle, so that all may know their strength.

#2 Plaguebearer of Nurgle

Nurgle is the Chaos god of rot, disease, and despair, and none of his minions better exemplify his virtues than the foul Plaguebearer daemons. These grinning warp creatures are bursting at the seams with pestilence and evil. Their mere touch causes metal to corrode and crack, and flesh to shrivel and slough off.

#3 Dark Elf Sorceress

The Dark Elves of Naggaroth are ruled with an iron fist by their immortal lord, Malekith, The Witch King, and he is served by his brides, The Sorceresses of Naggarond. They feed on the Dark winds of magic, and their beauty is matched only by the cruelty of their deadly spells.

#4 Chaos Forsaken

The so called “marauders” of the Norse tribe of the Great Raven make their home on the border of the Chaos Wastes, where the winds of magic originate. This has lead the Chaos god Tzeentch, the Lord of Magic, Change, and Fate, to make of them his play things, mutating them as he sees fit. Some times these mutations are a curse, leading to the marauder becoming nothing more than a gibbering maniac, wandering the wastes for the rest of eternity. However sometimes he blesses a tribesman with the ability to change the shape of their limbs at will, allowing them great prowess in battle. These men become known as Forsaken.

Custom Con Exclusive Tomb Kings High Queen Khalida

The Tomb Kings are the rulers of ancient Nehekhara, bid to walk the desert sands again by the unnatural magic of the great necromancer Nagash. High Queen Khalida Neferfer, rather than submit to the curse of vampirism that claimed many of ancient Nehekara’s rulers, called upon the goddess Asaph to cleanse her of the vampiric taint and in doing so, Asaph drained the remainder of her life force and the beloved queen was entombed on her golden throne. When needed, Khalida’s body is infused with the will of Asaph and she rises to lead her army of archers, who were buried in tombs next to her, against her enemies.

Entry by: Whiskeytango, Grinman, and Spawnsauce


#1 High Elf White Lion – LOTR Legolas with sculpted details. Carved out Aslan head for the pelt. Axe from styrene.

#2 Plaguebearer of Nurgle – LCBH Judge Death with sculpted details

#3 Dark Elf Sorceress – ROML Mada Hydra with sculpted details. ML Black Widow head.

#4 Chaos Forsaken – ROML Hyperion with sculpted details

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