CustomCon 36 – the Complete Index

While we’re on the subject of custom action figures, did you happen to catch CustomCon 36 last week, right here at AFP? Without further ado, here’s the complete index for the three day show that featured twenty one entries:

CustomCon 36 - Day One

DAY ONE: Tuesday, December 10

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CustomCon 36 – Day Three of Three

CustomCon 36 - Day Three

DAY THREE: Thursday, December 12

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CC36: Vintage Kenner Star Wars by Iron-Cow Productions


Iron-Cow Prod. is pleased to showcase its new additions to the Vintage Kenner Star Wars action figure line! These figures are meant to fill in some gaps, expand the line a bit, and generally have some fun revisiting childhood nostalgia. When possible, I left any paint scrapes on the original figures intact for any intentional visual aging effect.

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CC36: DC Universe Classics – The Doom Patrol Series by Charles Rouse-Rodriguez


The Doom Patrol is finally getting an upgrade! Now with the much needed leader The Chief! And what is the Doom Patrol without their enemies the Brotherhood of Evil!!

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