Weekend Toy Run: Hasbro Marvel Legends Thunderbolts Set – My eBay Auction

Hasbro 2013 SDCC Marvel Legends Thunderbolts_figure set

It might be a bit early for Spring Cleaning, but I suppose you can file this under New Year’s Resolutions. My wife has been on me about the growing pile of action figures that has me fearing that a camera crew from Hoarders will show up. So expect some Free Stuff giveaways and eBay auctions to help put a dent in the plastic hazard in our home office.

Up right now on eBay is a set of the exclusive Marvel Legends Thunderbolts from SDCC last year. I picked up extras for fellow collectors but this one never found a home. You guys play with your action figures, right? This set will be complete but will ship loose – that should save you a few bucks over the auctions that include the packaging. And if you win, shoot me a message on eBay that you found the auction here on AFP, and I’ll cut 10% off the final price. Thanks for looking!