Mattycollector Fills a Fur Diaper with Baby Skeletor Doll

With Masters of the Universe Classics winding down this year and next, it looks like Mattel is looking to make the most out of the MOTU property while there’s still folks visiting the Mattycollector site. Enter Baby Skeletor, loosely inspired by a Robot Chicken clip which explores some themes that might not have been appropriate if you were watching on Saturday morning back as a kid.

The clip (at the end of the post) – it might get a couple laughs out of you. But the Baby Skeletor doll will probably register a fair share of eye rolls when it goes on sale for $35 in a couple weeks, during the June sale at Mattycollector. I wasn’t a fan of Molarr the Eternian Dentist, but as a SDCC exclusive, maybe it worked for Mattel. I have a harder time seeing how this item will hit it big with MOTU fans. But what do I know? This won’t be the first entry in the category of strange dolls Mattel has actually made.

Mattycollector Baby Skeletor 1Welcome a New Addition to the Family: Baby Skeletor® Has Arrived!

The stork just made a delivery, and we couldn’t wait to share the news! Introducing our newest little addition… Baby Skeletor®! This bouncing bundle of terror was inspired by a video from the twisted minds at one of our favorite stop-motion TV shows, and we’ve got him for our 6/16 sale!
Baby Skeletor

Shhh… don’t wake him up! No, really, you do not want to wake this little guy. He may look innocent but don’t be fooled by his chubby little baby body… he’s a bad (blue) seed, through and through.

This treacherous toddler measures 12” tall and arrives ready for naptime and other nefarious activities with his evil royal potty, a removable “Born to Rule” t-shirt, and a Havoc Staff rattle.

Make sure you’re here at 8:00 a.m. PT on 6/12 when Baby Skeletor® will be available to subscribers during Early Access. Any remaining figures will be available to everyone in All Access on 6/16 at 9:00 a.m. PT.

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Here’s the Robot Chicken clip that’s the inspiration for the doll:

Baby Want More | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim
Published on Nov 14, 2012
Skeletor’s nasty turn-ons actually do some good for once.

via Baby Want More | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim – YouTube.

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