SDCC 2014: Mezco Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy

SDCC 2014 Mezco Breaking Bad

As much as I love Breaking Bad (after resisting year after year, I finally binge-watched it during the final season), Mezco’s offerings in the Breaking Bad action figure line (or perhaps “6-inch action figure-sized statues” would be more appropos) were a bit sparse. How many different color variants of Walt can we get? Now that there’s a Jesse Pinkman sculpt, we get to ask that question for him. For Gus Fring, there’s just two – and to keep from spoiling it, at least in this post, you can see them in our album for Mezco’s Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy lines.

While I don’t watch Sons of Anarchy, it looks like fans are getting a little bit more in terms of character selection. However, if you’re hoping for articulated figures instead of mini-statues, you’re in the same boat as Breaking Bad fans.

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