How Much Would You Pay for this Gigantic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Krang?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Krang by First Gokin 01

When Playmates first revealed prototypes at San Diego Comic-Con last year for Shredder and Krang in their 6-inch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Classics line, I heard a lot of comments about their small stature compared to the turtles. While I can concede the point, about Krang especially, I think Shredder may still fit in nicely with the turtles from NECA’s Turtles, who are slightly smaller than the ones from Playmates.

Now I’ve come across pictures of an upcoming import figure of Krang, said to be coming from First Gokin (Tong Meng Ex) in June this year. It has a huge 10-inch mechanical body – Krang can be removed from the cockpit in its torso, and the cockpit has an internal light-up feature. The body looks like it has a decent amount of articulation, comes with interchangeable hands / axes, and has some diecast metal parts.

Playmates TMNT Shredder and Krang prototypes -
Playmates TMNT Shredder and Krang prototypes – source:

Sounds awesome, right? But here’s the catch – while I bought Rocksteady and Bebop from the Playmates line last year for $19.99 each (we’ll see if there’s a price bump when their Shredder and Krang come out this year), this version of Krang is apparently going to run $150 to $200.

I haven’t come across any official pre-order pages for Krang, and am not familiar with First Gokin. Can anyone shed any light on them?

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  1. No problem at all. Quality costs money.  I’ll be pre ordering this the moment it becomes available.

  2. Quality does indeed cost money. This piece is gorgeous, and even someone like me who has no connection to the character can see that. Luckily I can do without, because that’d get me a nice big something else.

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