Star Wars Graphic Novels 75% Off for Nicks and Dents at

TFAW Star Wars nick and dent sale

Has the prospect of a new Star Wars movie (and action figures) got you jonesing for more Star Wars right now?

If so, Things From Another World has you covered. They’ve got a 75% off sale for “nick and dent” Star Wars trade paperbacks underway – over 150 TPBs for sale. These are ones with small scuffs or dings but are still awesome¬†for reading – they won’t have torn pages or marred artwork in any way. I’ve bought a lot of nick and dent TPBs during former TFAW sales because the prices are great, and it’s not like you get TPBs as investments anyways.

It’s a long wait until December 18, when Star Wars: The Force Awakens finally opens, so stock up on some reading material and get your Star Wars fix for cheap. Happy shopping!