Weekend Toy Run: Hasbro Retailer Exclusives Still Available; Some on Clearance

Retailer exclusives can be frustrating for today’s collector. I know I’m spending less time hitting brick and mortar stores for traditional toy runs, so when a toy company announces them, I start worrying about whether I’ll actually be able to acquire them for my collection.

With these Hasbro exclusives for Marvel Legends and Star Wars, I guess I needn’t have worried.

While I’m glad these exclusives are readily available, it makes me wonder about how this will affect retailer support for these lines moving forward. I think collectors are continuing to shift to online purchasing. In the past, retailer exclusives have not been offered online, so they would be an enticement for these shoppers to visit the stores.

Now we have them available online, with some on sale. And I can’t remember the last time I saw Toys R Us put an exclusive item on clearance. Is this signaling a decrease in demand?

2 thoughts on “Weekend Toy Run: Hasbro Retailer Exclusives Still Available; Some on Clearance”

  1. Target.com now has the Marvel Legends 3-Pack on clearance for $30. Thanks to seeing this post I decided to check a Target by my job and they had one set left. Got them to price match! No need to pay for shipping. I almost paid $30 for Ms. Marvel alone on eBay. Thanks!

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