Mezco Announces Licensing Deal with WB for Bugs Bunny

Mezco announces Bugs Bunny licensing deal

Their Hellboy action figures made me a big fan, but Mezco had a bit of a lull after The Golden Army wasn’t as much of a commercial hit as the original movie, stalling both their movie and comic book lines. But they’ve been hitting all the right marks recently with the One:12 Collective, and now this announcement of a licensing deal with Warner Bros. for Bugs Bunny.

I’m hoping this is just the tip of the carrot (I know, sorry!) – Looney Tunes has such a wealth of characters that the possibilities are staggering. Just the other day, I was searching for a Marvin the Martian action figure to give my wife – there’s some older stuff on eBay, but I think I’ll wait to see what Mezco has in store. What’s up, Doc?

Bugs Bunny And Mezco Declare Rabbit Season

New York- Everyone’s favorite wascally wabbit is set to become immortalized by Mezco as part of a new licensing agreement.

Since his debut on screens in Porky’s Hare Hunt in 1938, Bugs Bunny has appeared in over 200 cartoons and numerous films. He was the 1st cartoon character to appear on a postage stamp (sorry Mickey) and has his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Bugs Bunny continues to delight children and adults with a fan base that that has been increasing for three quarters of a century. Since he first uttered the line “What’s up, Doc?” in 1940’s A Wild Hare, the catchphrase has grown exponentially along with his popularity. A 2013 Q survey showed 95% of people know Bugs Bunny, making him one of the four most popular cartoon stars in the world and more recognizable than Santa Claus.

Unless somebody misses that right turn in Albuquerque, Mezco will begin delighting fans of the wise-cracking wabbit starting in the third quarter of 2015.

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