Watch Episode 2 of Marvel Super Heroes: What The–?!

Marvel’s brightest stars including Wolverine, Deadpool and the Blob arrive for the star-studded premiere of the Wolverine movie! Somehow, M.O.D.O.K. found himself a press pass. Will the red carpet EVER be the same?

Watch Episode 2 now, featuring special guest star, UFC welterweight Matt “The Terror” Serra! Learn more about Matt at and at!

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Marvel Super Heroes: What The–?! Episode 1 at

Marvel has launched the premiere episode of its comedy series, featuring Marvel action figures and the voice talents of Jesse Falcon, Ben Morse, and other staffers from the House of Ideas.

Iceman loses his powers and becomes a late night talk show sensation in the Giant Size premiere of our “Marvel Super Heroes: What The–?!” video series! Watch it now!


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Age of Apocalypse Sunfire (Hasbro Exclusive)

Age of Apocalypse Sunfire

Age of Apocalypse Sunfire

I would have eventually taken pictures of this bad boy, who is still available on for $10.99, but this thread on prompted me to do it today.  Apparently he is also available on sale at clearance retailer Tuesday Morning – if you don’t have any of those nearby, Sunfire is one of Hasbro’s better efforts, and is worth it at full price.

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