Announcing the Marvel Universe Comic Covers Contest and present the Marvel Universe Comic Covers contest.

Thanks to our friends on the Hasbro Marvel team, and are proud to present you with a chance to win one of three fantastic prize packs from Hasbro’s upcoming Fall line-up of Marvel products.

WHO: The Marvel Universe Comic Covers contest is open to readers of and at least 18 years of age as of June 14, 2009. Your entry in the contest constitutes your agreement to allow your cover recreations and your name or nickname to be published on, and other websites.

WHAT: We are looking for striking recreations of classic covers from the Marvel library of comic book titles, using action figures from the Marvel lines (Marvel Universe, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Marvel Legends, Marvel Mighty Muggs, Super Hero Squad) from Hasbro and Toy Biz. You may also include action figures that have been customized to portray Marvel characters. For example, here are the winning entries from last year’s contest:

WHEN: Deadline for submitting entries is July 17, 2009 at 11:59PM PT, via e-mail to [email protected]. Include the comic title and issue number of the cover you are recreating, and your name, nickname, and username on (if you have one), with your entry.

WHY: Hasbro is providing three prize packs of Marvel products, as described below. This will be your chance to get these products before they hit the shelves this fall. A selection of nominated and winning entries may appear on,, and other websites.


  • Grand Prize : All three Hasbro / Marvel Comic Con Exclusives (70th Anniversary Invaders 4 pack, single carded grey scale Captain America, Wolverine Mighty Mugg) plus the new wave of Marvel Legends 2 packs (3)
  • 2nd Prize : All three SDCC exclusives plus one new wave of Marvel Universe (5 single carded figs)
  • 3rd prize : One wave of Secret Wars Comic 2 packs (3) plus one SDCC Wolverine Mighty Mugg

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Watch Episode 3 of Marvel Super Heroes: What The–?!

In case you missed it, here’s the latest episode of MSH: What The–?!  Nick Fury assembles a crack team to take on pirates in Somalia.

Superstar writer Brian Michael Bendis lends his vocal talents to M.O.D.O.K.’s latest adventure!

via Watch Episode 3 of MSH: What The–?! at

AFP’s Hasbro Marvel Q&A Roundup – 5/29/9

The Hasbro Marvel team checks in for the latest round of Q&A.

1. We’ll start off with a couple of questions about Marvel Universe. Now that you’ve got a couple of waves of MU at retail, what have you learned about the 3 3/4-inch market for Marvel? How might that have influenced the line for 2010?

The reception for Marvel Universe has been tremendous and we’re already hard at work on our plans for 2010.

2. Will the Marvel Universe Fan’s Choice picks be made as single carded figures for retail, or are you thinking of other options?  For example, Winter Soldier could be part of an “Evolutions” set with Bucky and the Alex Ross-designed Captain America.  Archangel, Mystique, and Havok could be part of an X-Men box set or be comic-based figures in the Wolverine line.  Mary Jane would seem a more likely pick as a show exclusive.  Any hints for the two bonus picks?  (One guess is Psylocke – are we right?)

We’re leading off with the first Universe box set at SDCC…so we’re definitely looking at other possibilities outside the realm of single carded figures.  Just take a look at the slate for Fall exclusives: 3 different multi packs and 2 Gigantic Battles!  That’ll give you a good idea for where our heads are at.  Hint on one of the runner ups – you don’t want to mess with him.

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AFP’s Hasbro Marvel Q&A Roundup – 5/6/9

The Hasbro Marvel team checks in for the latest round of Q&A.

Toys 'R Us Exclusive Marvel Universe 3-Pack - Firestar, Spider-Man, Iceman
Toys 'R Us Exclusive Marvel Universe 3-Pack - Firestar, Spider-Man, Iceman

1. Have the plans for San Diego Comic Con exclusives been firmed up, and when will we see pictures (also see question 5)?  Last year’s Hasbro Toy Shop booth was one of the tougher lines at the convention, and it was further impacted by the ticketing system.  Any plans to make changes to how it works at the show, and will all items be available for online purchase?

We are still in the planning stages for SDCC so it is too early to discuss specifics.   We can tell you that there will be a limited number of all 3 Marvel Exclusives (Invaders 4 Pack, single carded Captain America and Wolverine Mighty Mugg) available online for fans who can’t make it to the show.

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