Win a Set of Pacific Rim Statues from Sideshow Collectibles

Sideshow Pacific Rim Giveaway Pacific Rim Striker Eureka schematic

Are you a fan of giant robots and huge freaking monsters? If so, then this is a giveaway for you. Sideshow Toys is hosting a contest for Pacific Rim – they’re giving away a full set of Pacific Rim statues, including 2 robots – Gipsy Danger and Striker Eureka – and 2 kaiju (giant monsters) – Knifehead and one so secret it won’t be revealed until the movie is open.

That happens on July 12. Fandango has a special deal – buy your Pacific Rim tickets online and get a free download from the soundtrack. Enjoy!

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Lone Ranger, Pacific Rim, Aliens, and Predators in NECA’s eBay Store

7-inch The Lone Ranger & Tonto Action Figures - Complete Series 1 Set Pacific Rim - 7-inch Scale Jaeger Crimson Typhoon Action Figure - NECA Series 1 Aliens - 7-inch Scale Corporal Dwayne Hicks Action Figure - Series 1 Predators Series 9 - 7-inch Jungle Encounter Dutch Schaefer Action Figure

If you are willing to pay just a little more for the convenience of avoiding the hunt, then NECA’s eBay store is a great place to pick up hard to find items. Toys R Us had been fairly reliable with their aisle for collectors, but the ones in my area have squeezed out a lot of the shelf space that had been allocated for it.

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