NECA Pacific Rim Series 3 Update

I still haven’t seen Pacific Rim (no excuse now, since it’s out on DVD) so these action figures from NECA have just been cool to look at, versus must haves for my toy shelves. For those of you who love the NECA line, here’s news from NECA’s Twitter feed. Nothing yet on NECA’s website, but we’ll keep checking.

NECA Pacific Rim Series 3 teaserBIG news for fans of Pacific Rim!

Randy Falk dropped the news today in series of messages via @NECA_TOYS on Twitter. Here’s some of what he had to say:

“Pacific Rim Series 3 news will drop today. 2 different assortments of Jaeger and Kaiju offered at once. 4 new figures coming in March!!”

“2 ALL NEW Jaegers.. Cherno Alpha and Coyote Tango make up the Jaeger assortment. Almost 8″ tall and loaded w detail and articulation”

“The Kaiju require their own assortment as they getting bigger & badder & in turn cost a little more. S2 Leatherback gives you an idea…”

“We we want to stay true to scale as much as possible so a deluxe Kaiju assortment was the way to go. Bigger, more deco, more articulation!!”

“Trespasser will be one of the Series 3 Kaiju, in concept stage it was known as Axhead and you still might see that version at a later date..”

“The remaining S3 Kaiju is an all new & improved Knifehead w battle damage! Over 50% larger than S1 version!”

via NECA – N.E.C.A – Timeline Photos.

Play Imaginative Teases Super Alloy Pacific Rim for 2014

So far, NECA’s been the main licensor of Pacific Rim, with action figures in the 7-inch and 18-inch varieties. With over $400MM in box office receipts, Play Imaginative has jumped on board with its Super Alloy diecast line. No word yet on which character(s) will be made in which scale, though I imagine Gispy Danger is a lock. Stay tuned!

Play Imaginative Super Alloy Pacific Rim Teaser

Pacific Rim
Super Alloy Collectible Figure
Coming Soon in 2014

via Timeline Photos – Play Imaginative.

Border Patrol: Pacific Rim Crimson Typhoon, Marvel Legends Captain Marvel and Spider-Woman, and DC Infinite Heroes Deathstroke

Pacific Rim Crimson Typhoon 1 Pacific Rim Crimson Typhoon 2 Pacific Rim Crimson Typhoon 3

Pacific Rim Battle Damaged Crimson Typhoon by sabretooths_workshop – I love the battle-damaged paint job, but what really takes the cake are the motorized spinning blades and the light up eye, complete with separate switches and replaceable batteries – ends Aug 25, 2013 19:36:37 PDT

In AFP’s Border Patrol, we scour active eBay auctions for customized action figures that you won’t want to let slip by!

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SDCC 2013: NECA – Marvel, DC, Video Games, Movies and TV


With its expansion into quarter scale figures, NECA has been able to add Marvel and DC movies (even the Batman classic TV series spawned a movie) to its impressive array of licensed action figures. They continue to own classic movies from my youth in the 7-inch scale, expanding its Alien, Predator, Robocop, Gremlins, and more. With the Lone Ranger, Kick-Ass, and Pacific Rim, they’re getting their piece of modern hits too.

On the video game front, they seem focused on Valve games. It’s interesting that they’re Valve split the figure license between NECA and 3A Toys – NECA has 7-inch scale and 3A has 12-inch. The Portal 2 robots are an example of figures that will be available in both scales. With Team Fortress 2, NECA has a broader assortment.

Fans of Playmates’ World of Springfield figures get a new assortment of Simpsons, as NECA has partnered with Fox on a line of 25 of the most iconic guest stars to celebrate 25 seasons of the long-running series. [/Ron]

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Win Pacific Rim Action Figures and HeroClix from NECA

After posting the Sideshow contest I started clicking around for more Pacific Rim info – somehow I missed the announcement last week for NECA’s giveaway. They’re now in week two of giveaways for four NECA Pacific Rim prize packs. The action figures look great, but I’m most thrilled about the HeroClix. I like the idea of scale reversal – to the Heroclix kaiju I’m monster-sized!

Four Weeks of Pacific Rim Contests Start Today!

Only a few more weeks until until Guillermo del Toro’s sci-fi action-adventure “Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures Pacific Rim” hits theaters, and the anticipation is killing us. To celebrate the upcoming film (and distract ourselves from the unbearable wait), we’re kicking off an unprecedented series of contests — starting today!

giveaway-main1a pacrim-set590

For the next month, we’ll be holding weekly drawings to give away fantastic prizes from Pacific Rim. That means you’ve got FOUR chances to win Pacific Rim 7″ Action Figures, HeroClix Pacific Rim Mini-Games, and HeroClix Pacific Rim Gravity Feeds!

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