Star Trek Movie Wave 2 Entertainment Earth Exclusive

Are you wondering what happened to the second wave of the Star Trek 3.75-inch figures?  These 10 figures have found a home as an Entertainment Earth exclusive, and can be pre-ordered for $68.99.  The figures come with pack-ins to enhance the Enterprise Bridge Playset.

If you do any shopping there, EE has a free shipping deal through November 20 for totals over $59.  These figures won’t qualify, as they’re due to arrive in January.

Star Trek Movie Wave 2Exclusive Star Trek Movie Action Figures
3 3/4-Inch Wave 2


  • Set includes 10 exclusive figures not found at mass retail!
  • Well-articulated, 3 3/4-inch figures in surprising detail.
  • At last, complete your Enterprise Bridge Playset (sold separately)!

An Entertainment Earth Shared Exclusive! Right out of the 2009 Star Trek motion picture, these well-articulated, 3 3/4-inch tall figures feature surprising detail. Enjoy the movie and act out your own scenarios or create your own displays using these fabulous characters from this intensely popular film. Each of the individually packaged action figures comes with accessories and weapons that are going to transform your Star Trek Movie Enterprise Bridge Playset into a fully decked-out environment! Enterprise Bridge Playset sold separately.

This Wave 2 case of 10 individually packaged figures includes (subject to change):

  • 1x McCoy in Enterprise Uniform
  • 1x Chekov in Enterprise Uniform
  • 1x Sarek
  • 1x General Ayel
  • 1x Spock in Cadet Leader Uniform
  • 1x Keenser
  • 1x Kirk in Space Outfit
  • 1x Sulu in Space Outfit
  • 1x Drakoulias
  • 1x Kirk in Off-Duty Uniform

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Star Trek Figures Set For April 19 Release

Command - Kirk.jpgCommand - Pike Exclusive.jpgWarp - Spock.jpgGalaxy - Uhura.jpg

Playmates has announced the toy lineup to support the upcoming Star Trek feature film being released by Paramount on May 9th.  The following toy lines are set with a street date of April 19th.  Additional lineups for the fall to be announced.

  • Galaxy Series – 3.75 inch Star Trek figures (10 figures in initial wave)
  • Warp Series – 6 inch Star Trek figures (10 figures in initial wave)
  • Command Series – 12 inch Star Trek figures (4 figures in initial wave plus 2 TRU exclusives)
  • Playsets (Transporter Room Playset & Bridge Playset)
  • Role Play (Starfleet Phaser, Starfleet Communicator, Starfleet Tricorder)
  • Iconic Vehicle (U.S.S. Enterprise Iconic Vehicle)

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