If Club Eternia Doesn’t Go Through, Use Your Masters of the Universe Budget on this Life-Sized Skeletor Bust

It sure is nice to know that even with all the warnings we’ve gotten from Mattel about Club Eternia being at risk that there’s actually other Masters of the Universe products that will definitely get made. Sure, this Skeletor life-sized bust has got a $675 price tag, but just what are you going to do with the money you’ve saved up for Club Eternia if it doesn’t go through? 😉

Pop Culture Shock Collectibles Announces Skeletor Life-sized Bust
Product Pre-order Launches
PCSC Exclusive Version Also Available

There is a dark lord haunting the realm of Eternia…and now he’s plotting to take over your shelf space! Skeletor, eternal enemy of HeMan, is being expertly crafted into life-sized collectible bust from Pop Culture Shock Collectibles. This latest entry into PCSC’s full-scaled collectible line is based on the skull-face despot’s appearance

The fiend once known as Keldor is rendered here with intricate sculpted details, dynamic real-cloth hood, and sinister paint details. Standard edition (limit of 300 pcs) will be available at all regular retail channels. For the loyal PCSC collectors, there will be a dastardly exclusive version featuring LED glowing eyes available ONLY via PCSC’s website.

Skeletor_Bust_D Skeletor_Bust_EX_C
Masters of the Universe ‘Skeletor’ Lifesize Bust –

Regular Version

  • Features real fabric hood
  • Size: 29 x 23 x 14
  • Limited to 300 pieces
  • SRP $ 675.00 USD
Masters of the Universe ‘Skeletor’ Lifesize Bust – Pop Culture Shock Exclusive

  • Features real fabric hood and LED glowing eyes
  • Size: 29 x 23 x 14
  • Limited to 125 pieces
  • SRP $ 675.00 USD
  • Discount of up to 20% if ordered in the first 7 days of pre-ordering

PRE-ORDER begins promptly at 3PM PST on Monday Aug 26th

The exclusive bust will be up for pre-order at 3pm PST on Aug 26th, tune into the PSCS facebook page for more info. To stay up to date on PCSC Master of the Universe News, subscribe to our newsletter by heading to PopCultureShocktoys.com and clicking the “sign up” box.

About Pop Culture Shock Collectibles

Pop Culture Shock Collectibles was founded in 2008 by Jerry Macaluso, the former owner of SOTA Toys, SOTA Sculpture and Design and Plastic Fantasy to manufacture high-end resin collectibles. For more on Pop Culture Shock Collectibles go to http://www.popcultureshocktoys.com and www.facebook.com/PopCultureShockCollectibles

MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE and associated trademarks are owned by and used under license from Mattel, Inc. © 2013 Mattel, Inc. Under license to Classic Media. All rights reserved.

Pop Culture Shock Reveals Street Fighter Sagat and ThunderCats Tygra Statues

Pop Culture Shock’s Jerry Macaluso sure has a way of making me want to plunk down a whole wad of cash on these statues from Street Fighter and ThunderCats. But as these are wayyyy out of my price range, all I can do is feel nostalgic about the heyday of SOTA’s Street Fighter action figure line and feel a bit letdown that Bandai’s ThunderCats line didn’t really deliver on the classics front, despite releasing Tygra (it missed the mark for me.)

Both of these statues are in 1/4 scale, and will be available through Sideshow Toys and specialty retailers.

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Pop Culture Shock Mortal Kombat Life Size Busts – the Eyes Have It

Nothing says FLAWLESS VICTORY like a life size bust of Mortal Kombat’s Sub Zero. I can see putting this near my front door to scare the crap out of trick or treaters this Halloween. There will be three versions – a standard version with painted eyes, a limited PERS-like poseable eyes version for a 200-piece Sideshow exclusive, and Pop Culture Shock’s own 50-piece exclusive with light-up eyes.

Pop Culture Shock’s Jerry Macaluso has been sculpting some very provocative Darkstalkers and Street Fighter mixed media statues, so I can only imagine what he’ll do with a *life size* bust of Sonya Blade. GET OVER HERE!

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Pop Culture Shock Announces New Line of Thundercats Statues

For those of you hoping hearing the buzz about a new Thundercats license, here you go. I’ve always liked the Pop Culture Shock mixed media statues, especially the Street Fighter and Darkstalker women. But I’ll still be waiting impatiently for Thundercats action figures.


80’s Icons Immortalized in Premium Format Statue Line

NORTHRIDGE, CA (March 26, 2010): Pop Culture Shock Collectibles are pleased to announce they are the newest licensor for the wildly popular 80’s cartoon Thundercats! This licensing agreement with Warner Bros. Consumer Products will bring 1/4 scale mixed media statues to hardcore collector’s homes in 2010.

Pop Culture Shock has made a name for themselves with their Street Fighter™ and Darkstalkers™ statue lines, distributed through Sideshow Collectibles and Diamond Distribution. The 1/4 scale mixed media series offers highly detailed sculpting, beautiful paints and cloth costumes on figures 17” and larger providing a stunning collection for the most discriminating fan. The Thundercats line will adopt this same amazing quality.

“It should come as no surprise that I’m a big fan of 80’s properties” stated Jerry Macaluso, President and Founder of Pop Culture Shock Collectibles. “Street Fighter™ allowed me to bring iconic characters to people’s homes in the most striking format I could conceive. Now, Thundercats will get the star treatment once again that this killer animation classic deserves. We are extremely excited to be working closely with Warner Bros. Consumer Products on this project and can’t wait to show fans of the series what they will soon be able to bring home.”

Keep watching http://www.popcultureshocktoys.com/ and http://blog.popcultureshocktoys.com/, as well as your favorite outlet for collectibles news for more info as it develops.

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