NYCC 2015: High-End Statues from Pop Culture Shock Collectibles and ARH Studios

NYCC 2015 - Pop Culture Shock Collectibles and ARH Studios

Pop Culture Shock and ARH Studios were right next to each other on the convention floor – both make high-end statues that I’d love to have, if I had the space and the budget to collect them. Pop Culture Shock has licenses for Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Masters of the Universe, Robocop, and even DC – although I didn’t get a good shot of their Batman statue.

ARH makes statues for its own Arhian character and other fantasy properties, like Queen of the Vampires and Frazetta. Their Frazetta “Barbarian” might as well be Conan. They also had a 1/6 scale figure of Arhian built using a Phicen action figure.

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Pop Culture Shock’s He-Man and Battle Cat Quarter Scale Statues Have the Power!

Pop Culture Shock He-Man and Battle Cat Quarter Scale Statues

I don’t normally post about statues – for the most part I can’t afford and don’t have the space for them – but these quarter scale statues of the Master of the Universe He-Man and Battle Cat are too good to ignore. They’re from Pop Culture Shock Collectibles and will be going up for pre-order over the next couple of weeks; the pre-order dates are July 13 if you want to order them in a combo (with a discount) and July 20 if you want to buy them individually. And tell me, how can you have He-Man without Battle Cat? I mean, the statues are designed to stand side-by-side, just like Battle Cat is forever destined to be at He-Man’s side in combat! Right?

Speaking of He-Man’s trusty steed, the Battle Cat statue comes in two versions. The regular version, available from specialty online retailers, will feature the helmeted look. The PCSC exclusive will have the same helmeted head, but with LED light effects. The exclusive will also come with an unmasked head. The combo comes with the exclusive Battle Cat, so it will be available on the 13th at the Pop Culture Shock website for $900, or $765 if you pre-pay in full. It will also come with a signed art print by Eamon O’Donoghue.

Now where did I put those lottery tickets?

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Pop Culture Shock Collectibles Mortal Kombat Goro Statue Pre-Orders Open Monday 10/21

We got our first glimpse of Pop Culture Shock’s Mortal Kombat Goro at New York Comic Con – very impressive. Pre-orders open on Monday afternoon. He’ll give you a warrior’s death.

Pop Culture Shock Collectibles Announces Mortal Kombat’s Goro Collectible 1/4th Scale Mixed Media Statue
PCSC Exclusive Version Also Available

Coming off an amazing successful debut at New York Comic Con, Pop Culture Shock Collectibles are proud to offer the pen-ultimate bad-a$$ from Mortal Kombat; GORO!

This Shokan warlord joins the ranks of other PCSC warriors, brought to life by PCSC’s master sculptors and artists.

“There are a few characters that are constantly being demanded by our fans & followers,” said Jerry Macaluso, President of PCSC, “Goro is arguably the one that collectors are most vocal about.”

Shao Kahn’s master of destruction is rendered as he appeared in the original Mortal Kombat games 1-4, featuring real cloth clothing and a certificate of authenticity. Standard edition (limit of 350 pcs) will be available at all regular retail channels. If you are an epic MK fanatik, there will be an exclusive version that includes second & interchangeable “teeth-clenched” headavailable ONLY via PCSC’s website.


Mortal Kombat “Goro” 1:4 Scale Mixed Media Statue

  • High quality polystone statue with cloth features
  • Size: 24” tall
  • Limited to 350 pieces
  • SRP $ 450.00 USD

Mortal Kombat “Goro” 1:4 Scale Mixed Media Statue, PCSC Exclusive

  • High quality polystone statue with cloth features
  • Size: 24” tall
  • Limited to 150 pieces
  • SRP $ 460.00 USD
  • Discounts available for pre-paying, see site for details

PRE-ORDER begins promptly at 3PM PST on Monday Oct. 21st

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About Pop Culture Shock Collectibles

Pop Culture Shock Collectibles was founded in 2008 by Jerry Macaluso, the former owner of SOTA Toys, SOTA Sculpture and Design and Plastic Fantasy to manufacture high-end resin collectibles. For more on Pop Culture Shock Collectibles go to and

NYCC 2013: Pop Culture Shock Collectibles Masters of the Universe, Street Fighter, and More

NYCC 2013 - Pop Culture Shock Collectibles  (1 of 10)

I didn’t have a plan when I got on the floor at New York Comic Con yesterday, but I lucked out and ran right into the display area for Pop Culture Shock Collectibles. Jerry Macaluso has carved out a nice niche of high-end collectibles, including statues, busts, and mixed media sculpture. Unfortunately for me, it’s way out of my budget.

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You Must Check Out the First Issue of Philip Reed’s BattleGrip Magazine

BattleGrip Issue 1 - pg 22 - 23

If you’re not familiar with Philip Reed and his site, BattleGrip, you should check it out. When I started AFP, somehow Philip found the site, and he’s been a really great supporter from our early days – and he’s just that way in the collecting community – a terrific guy.

Earlier this year, Philip published a Kickstarter-funded book about 3rd-party Transformers called Transforming Collections. (There are a couple of copies of Transforming Collections available on Amazon.) I guess that massive effort kept him hooked on publishing, because his latest endeavor is a free downloadable magazine. I’m re-hosting BattleGrip – issue 1 here (click to download – 70MB) to help get the issue out there. If you’re an old-timer like me and miss the days when you could go to a magazine store to pick up one related to toys (or if you just want to know what that was like, in this increasingly online world), then you’ll love this.

A couple of tips – you’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader or an alternative PDF reader, and the best way to read this magazine is to set it up in 2-page view (View -> Page Display -> Two Page View) and select the option to show the cover page on its own (View -> Page Display -> Show Cover Page in Two Page View). This will let you see some of the beautiful 2-page spreads, like the Predator Trophy Case above, in all their glory.

Great start to the magazine, Philip, and thanks for the link to my moot-fake-rant about the Club Infinite Earths Doomsday. Can’t wait for issue 2!

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