Medicom Real Action Heroes Dragon Ball Z Son Gokou

Medicom RAH DBZ Goku
Medicom RAH DBZ Goku

Although I lived in Japan for a couple of years, I wasn’t introduced to the Dragon Ball Z anime until I was living back in the States.  Even then, a typical episode featured a lot of build-up, but little payoff.  The show could drag a fight over six or more episodes – 20 minutes of intent stares, grunting, and posing, followed by a couple minutes of frenetic action, and then, BAM, to be continued.

I didn’t become a crazy fan until my wife picked me up a copy of the manga.  I knew then that one day I’d be spending insane amounts of money on something like a 12-inch scaled Goku (Son Gokou, in Japan) from Medicom.

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