Get Over Here! – WorldBox Reveals Mortal Kombat Scorpion

WorldBox Mortal Kombat Scorpion

I picked up the WorldBox Mortal Kombat Sub-Zero, their first figure in the line, and have been very pleased with it. But Sub-Zero has been very lonely… until now. They’ve just revealed the bad-ass ninja himself, Scorpion.

Like Sub-Zero, Scorpion comes loaded with accessories. He’s got three different head sculpts – a regular masked head, his skull, and a fatality-inflicted Kung Lao head. (I had skipped the Kung Lao release, but now that I know that I can split his head open, maybe it’s time to pick him up!) He’s got a couple of pairs of hands, so he can wield his twin swords or throw his kusarigama, aka¬†harpoon. He also comes with some fireballs and blood effects.

I haven’t seen him up for pre-order yet, but when I do… GET OVER HERE!

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Pre-Order the WorldBox Mortal Kombat 1/6 Scale Sub-Zero


I just happened to come across information on this 1/6 scale Mortal Kombat Sub-Zero by WorldBox Ltd, a company I have not heard of, but was apparently awarded the Mortal Kombat license from Warner Bros. for 1/6 scale figures. Sub-Zero is the first, due out in 4Q this year, and WorldBox is promising to follow up with more. They’ve mentioned Kung Lao, Scorpion, and Jade, to start. Sub-Zero comes with a bunch of accessories, including a bloody skull and spine and an ice sword that you can use to “impale” other figures with a clever blood splatter attachment.

I’m really a sucker for Mortal Kombat, especially the Ninjas, so I’ll be giving WorldBox a try. Sub-Zero is available for pre-order from BigBadToyStore for $144.99 and OneSixthBruce for ¬£105.00. Fatality!

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