Masters of the Universe Classics King Hssss, Ghostbusters Vinz Clortho, and More on Sale 3/15

I’m pretty damn excited to get Battle Armor Skeletor this month. He and Battle Armor He-Man were two of my favorite figures from the original line of toys. Here’s the link to this month’s bundle page for easy ordering.

Also, our winner from our King Hssss CFP Free Stuff giveaway is Josh Waddle, who posted on our Facebook page that he wants Sssqueeze as his next Snake Man in Masters of the Universe Classics. He’ll be getting a carded King Hssss, as soon as my Club Eternia figures come in. Congrats, Josh, and thanks to all who entered our little contest!

3/15 SALE REMINDER: King Hssss™, Clortho & More

Toy Fans,

It’s time for your friendly sale reminder… be here on Tuesday, March 15th and here’s what you’ll find:

Remember, it’s a great month to be a subscriber of 2011 Club Ecto-1 because we’re shipping the inaugural club-exclusive figure, Marshmallow Mess Ray Stanz, along with Vinz Clortho. Sorry, this item can’t be purchased.

As always, the sale starts at 9 a.m. Pacific (12 noon Eastern). Want a reminder email? Click here if you haven’t registered yet. And don’t forget that we’re holding a special sale on April 1st when we’ll have a second shipment of King Hssss™ figures available!

— Matty

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Im really tempted to get Vinz or Armor Skeletor, but theres a part of me hoping Mattel will have some on hand at C2E2..