Awesome Jitsu Slogan Free Stuff Winner – Jim Ford

I know folks have been waiting to hear who won the Slush Head for submitting slogans for a Masters of the Universe Classics Jitsu. Congratulations to Jim Ford, co-host of The (highly entertaining) LanternCast. Jim sent in a few slogans, but the one that stuck with me was “Master of the Golden Pimp Hand” – and that spawned the idea for the t-shirt design.

I had a few ideas bouncing around, but Jim’s entry triggered the thought of producing some card art with the slogan under the Jitsu name. I had a tough time finding assets to produce the Classics card art, so I ended up mixing the vintage card art design with the Master of the Universe Classics logo. Big thanks to AdultCollector – he made his Photoshop templates for vintage cards in the Custom Clamshell Case Art thread on, and I used a lot of it. For Jitsu’s silhouette, I thought about tweaking a picture of the King Randor figure (his armor is Jitsu’s armor, after all), but then I found this Jitsu custom on masterenglish’s deviantART gallery.

The t-shirt is on its way – I’m trying out Spreadshirt this time (Fwoosh’s t-shirt store is on Printfection) and unless there’s some colossal screw-up, I should have it in time for our trek down to San Diego. For those of you going to Comic-Con and are planning to hit the Mattel panel on Friday, if you see me, come say hi!

Before I forget, Jim graciously asked me to donate Slush Head to charity. I’ve given the figure to one of the local elementary schools – they’ll raffle him off at their Fall Fair. Thanks so much, Jim!

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