Freebie Friday (Kinda): Build a LEGO Bat Signal Free at Toys R Us Saturday 12 – 2PM

LEGO Bat Signal at ToysRUs

If you’re a fan of LEGO and Batman, then get to your local Toys R Us on Saturday, 10/18 (that’s tomorrow) between 12 and 2PM. Build a free Bat Signal and shop for LEGO! It’s free for kids 5 and up – the fine print says “intended for children” but I think big kids like you and me would qualify too – especially if you’ve got a LEGO DC Comics Super Heros set, some of which are on sale, in hand.

Gotham comes to Toys“R”Us! Build a LEGO Bat Signal at our free in-store event! Saturday, 10/18 from 12-2pm. For kids 5 and up. #Bricktober #LetsPlay #ToysRUsKid #LEGO #Batman #free

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HAIL HYDRA! Marvel Legends Hydra Agent in Stock at

I was just checking to see if the Marvel Legends Black Cat was still in stock at (yes, she is), when I noticed another gem which is once again available – the Marvel Legends Hydra Agent from the Captain America Infinite Series. Now, I’m seriously out of display space, but I can’t help but pick up these guys whenever I find a deal – and you’ll have a hard time beating the regular price of $21.99. Sure, that “regular” price is a far cry from the good old days of army building Marvel Legends at Wal-Mart for $6.99 a pop, but you can insert yourself in the Cap movies and pretend it’s a Hydra plot to take over the world.

TRU has a limit of two on these bad boys, and while I can’t get them to qualify for ShopRunner free shipping, if you get two and add one more item, you can qualify for the standard TRU free shipping deal. Here’s a suggestion: the Funko Dancing Groot – it comes out at the end of the year, but TRU will still count it towards the $49 threshold. HAIL HYDRA!

Weekend Toy Run: Marvel Legends Black Cat In Stock at

Our good pal, Paul, wrote in with the heads up that Black Cat from the Marvel Legends Infinite Series for the Amazing Spider-Man is in stock at Toys R Us and available for home shipping. Grab her while you can, since she is normally out of stock at TRU and being marked up heavily on Amazon by third party sellers.

Paul also gave us a tip that your local TRU can take your order and have it shipped to you for free (if they are savvy enough). To add to that, if you have ShopRunner (I got it for free because I have an American Express card), Black Cat qualifies for free 2-day shipping for me on the website. Big thanks to Paul, and happy shopping!

Weekend Toy Run: Sideshow Collectibles 1/6 Scale Deadpool


One of the highlights from this year’s San Diego Comic-Con was the revelation that Sideshow Collectibles had acquired the license for comics-based Marvel figures in 1/6 scale. This is the first time in a long time that one toy company has been able to produce figures from the big two from the comics – sure, Hot Toys, of whom I’m a big fan, has had Marvel and DC for a long time, but that’s the movie stuff. I’m psyched for some compatible, universe-crossing comic book action.

And they’re starting with one of my favorites from the Marvel U – Deadpool. The Merc with a Mouth comes with all the accouterments that you’re accustomed to if you’re a fan of Sideshow’s DC, G.I. JOE, or Star Wars figures – the great sculpt, nicely detailed fabric apps, and weapons and accessories up the ying yang. But they’ve given Wade Wilson a little extra, given his penchant for cracking wise – Deadpool speech bubbles that you can add to your display via the included stand. The Sideshow exclusive version of Deadpool will also include Headpool, who will use his copter helmet to fly by Deadpool’s side (presumably using the same wires that support the speech bubbles).

Now it’s fighty time!

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I AM GROOT! (Translation: Marvel Legends Rocket Raccoon and Nova Back in Stock at Amazon)

While we just happen to be on the subject of dancing trees, it’s come to our attention that the Marvel Legends Rocket Raccoon and Nova figures are back in stock at Amazon for their regular price of $21.99 each. If you recall, it was Nova that proved to be the top seller of the Guardians of the Galaxy series, despite not even being a part of the movie. And since all the members of this Marvel Legends wave are needed to complete the Build-A-Figure Groot… well, let’s just say that we weren’t sure he was gonna grow back this time.

This leaves me in a bit of a quandary. As you know, I’m a huge fan of both Marvel Legends and GotG. When the ML Nova and Rocket were Knowhere to be found, I hopped on the Hot Toys bandwagon. Now that the Legends are back and their pals are on sale… what to do? (Answer: buy them, of course!)

For those of you counting, buying these figures individually now comes out much cheaper than buying the set of six for the regular price of $159.99. Come and get your love!

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Funko Has First Official Dancing Groot, But You May Still Want to DIY

Guardians of the Galaxy - Groot and Drax

If you have NOT seen the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, here is the required SPOILER ALERT… and please note that for future reference we have added you to our List of Raccoon and Tree Haters. Now, if you have seen this fantastic film, then you know that the credits include an awesome scene that’s spawned a slew of animated GIFs and the opportunity for the cutest product tie-in ever.

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Weekend Toy Run: Marvel Legends Jubilee X-Men Wave (Stryfe, Cyclops, and Wolverine) at

I’ve been on the road this week, but our good pal Paul wrote in with the heads up that part of the Jubilee wave of Marvel Legends, which is exclusive to Toys R Us and Previews, is showing up online. You can pick up Stryfe, Cyclops, and Wolverine for $21.99 each – get all three and you trigger the free shipping deal for orders over $49.

We’ll keep our eyes open for Storm and Magneto. Happy shopping!

Weekend Toy Run: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Classic Movie Exclusive In Stock at Toys R Us

While we were busy at San Diego Comic-Con, our good friend Paul was keeping an eye out for online deals, and sent us this info. All four Playmates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Classic Collection figures from the original 1990 movie are in stock – they are exclusive to Toys R Us. Each is $19.99, and if you get all four you’ll trigger free shipping for orders over $49.

While these could use just a little more paint to give that turtle skin some spots and texture, that should be easy enough for anyone to do. I’m hoping that Leonardo’s expression won’t look so [add your descriptor here – mine is “constipated”] in hand. Thanks to Paul for the heads up!

Marvel Legends Agent Venom Exclusive Available to Pre-Order at

A month ago, Hasbro revealed that the Marvel Legends Agent Venom figure would be released as a Walgreen’s exclusive. Originally shown in the Hasbro SDCC display last year, they said Venom would finally be available to pre-order at SDCC this year – and while we weren’t sure exactly how, now we know. The Agent Venom is now up for pre-order on the Walgreen’s website.

Get your pre-order in now – no telling when this will sell out.

I Am Your Fodder: DC Universe Classics on Sale at Entertainment Earth

Yesterday’s Entertainment Earth Super Alloy Superman deal was on the high end, and today’s heads downscale to DC Universe Classics. Mattel may have killed the line, but it’s still very much alive in the hands of customizers, and there are some good fodder bodies up for grabs, each for only $6. For example, I’ve been toying around with converting an El Dorado into a shirtless, Lazarus Pit-enraged Ra’s Al Ghul. OMAC has the arm and leg bands that make an easy conversion to old school Magneto. And there’s Dove, a blank female base with light colors that would be easy to cover with paint (update – she’s sold out).

There’s thirteen DC Universe Classics figures on sale today only, so I’m sure those of you more creative and inspired than me will find plenty of options for customizing project.

I Am Your Fodder highlights action figures that are cheap and would make interesting customizing fodder.

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