Weekend Toy Run: Mimoco USB Drives are Great Stocking Stuffers

Mimoco USB Drives at Woot.com

Mimoco USB drives have returned to Woot.com for a sale that ends on Monday. Yeah, I know – how many of these USB drives do you actually need, what with everything moving to the cloud. But at close to half off, you may want to check out them out. After all, even if you’re not buying for yourself, they’d make great stocking stuffers for your friends and family.

Mimoco has licenses for most of the top pop culture brands, including Star Wars, Star Trek, DC Comics, Transformers, G.I. JOE, and many more. I’m particularly fond of their versions of Admiral Ackbar, Storm Shadow, and Bruce Lee. They’ve even got a Stormtrooper that reveals Han Solo or Luke Skywalker when unmasked. Pretty cool, right?

Weekend Toy Run: Invincible Deals on Hot Toys and More at Marvel.com

Marvel.com is running its annual Veteran’s Day sale, and there’s a whole lot of good deals on the site for 25% off and free shipping for orders over $50 (code: MARVELHERO). You’ll find the usual suspects – Marvel Select figures from Diamond Select Toys, Funko head bobblers, and even LEGO sets. If you’ve got the hankering for some Marvel tees, they’ve even got a few you can customize, like this Guardians of the Galaxy t-shirt for the guys, and this SHIELD tee for the ladies. All of the customizable gear is available for men, women, and kids. Want a tee with just Rocket and Groot on it? Just hit the “Customize it!” button.

But the biggest bang for your buck is on the Hot Toys in the Marvel Shop Collectibles section. Even with the slight markup on the Marvel site, the 25% off and free shipping nets you the best prices you can get this weekend. For example, the Hot Toys Tony Stark Mechanic figure from Iron Man 3 is currently available. You’ll save more than just a couple of bucks this way (enough for some good BBQ), and the best part is that the Marvel Shop is listing Sideshow exclusive version, with Tony  Stark’s kitbashed repulsor.

As you might expect this holiday, they are sold out of the Hot Toys Iron Patriot (they have him in bobble-head format), but they’ve got a few Marvel Select Captain America figures, including the Falcon.

Weekend Toy Run: Target’s Marvel Legends 3-Pack is NOT Sold Out (Yet)

We wrote last week about the Target exclusive Marvel Legends 3-Pack with Captain America, Ms. Marvel, and Radioactive Man going up on the Target.com site. Well, that moved pretty quickly but still shows as in stock. I’ve been on the road and not been able to follow up, but long-time reader Rodney emailed to let us know of another way to get the figures, and for an even better deal!

Target has listed the exclusive Marvel Legends 3-pack on its eBay store. Target has it listed as a Buy-It-Now at $50 (no price gouging!) and tops it off with free shipping. Now, I bought my set on their regular website last week, so I’m not sure this isn’t some weird situation where they are selling stuff that they no longer have – but if you’re still on the hunt, it wouldn’t hurt to check it out.

Let me know if this pans out for you. Big thanks to Rodney for sharing this!

Weekend Toy Run: Marvel Legends Captain America, Ms. Marvel, and Radioactive Man 3-Pack

Captain America® Marvel Legends Infinite Series Figure 3-Pack 02

Our good friend Paul gave us the heads up that the Target exclusive Captain America Marvel Legends Infinite Series Figure 3-Pack is in stock at Target.com. The 3-pack includes Cap (natch), Ms. Marvel on the heavy hitter female body, and Radioactive Man on the heavy hitter male body.

Cap is a reissue, but comes with both a masked and unmasked head. I also think the previous figure came with a vest, while this one has a harness.

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Get Selected DC Universe Classics for $6 at Entertainment Earth’s Daily Deal

Entertainment Earth’s Daily Deal is like taking a time machine back ten or more years. Oil (and therefore plastic) and labor was cheap, back in the heyday – and this was before DC Universe Classics even existed.

Of course, it’s a limited selection – Entertainment Earth has ten DC Universe Classics / DC Unlimited figures for $6 each. Maybe you need some customizing fodder, or perhaps there’s some figures that you wouldn’t pick up at regular price. For six bucks, now’s the time… You could get a Batmite *and* a Batman for over 80% off of what it’d cost you to get a Mr. Mxyzptlk in today’s prices!

That’s just for today, so don’t miss out!

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AFP Free Stuff Giveaway: Warpo Legends of Cthulhu Kickstarter Exclusives

I’m a big fan of independent toy makers, so when Talyn discovered Warpo Toys and their Legends of Cthulhu Kickstarter campaign, I became a backer – there was no way to withhold my support of the H.P. Lovecraft creation that has inspired so much of the pop culture I love today. If Lovecraft, Cthulhu, or retro toys hit any of your buttons… well, the Legends of Cthulhu Kickstarter closed in July.

But don’t you fret – our pals at Warpo are helping us give you a shot at the most exclusive figures from the Kickstarter campaign – the ones unlocked exclusively to backers when the campaign met its stretch goals! For the rest of the figures, The Professor, The Cultist, The Deep One, and Spawn of Cthulhu, you’ll just have to wait until Warpo announces where you can get them.

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Freebie Friday (Kinda): Build a LEGO Bat Signal Free at Toys R Us Saturday 12 – 2PM

LEGO Bat Signal at ToysRUs

If you’re a fan of LEGO and Batman, then get to your local Toys R Us on Saturday, 10/18 (that’s tomorrow) between 12 and 2PM. Build a free Bat Signal and shop for LEGO! It’s free for kids 5 and up – the fine print says “intended for children” but I think big kids like you and me would qualify too – especially if you’ve got a LEGO DC Comics Super Heros set, some of which are on sale, in hand.

Gotham comes to Toys“R”Us! Build a LEGO Bat Signal at our free in-store event! Saturday, 10/18 from 12-2pm. For kids 5 and up. http://toysr.us/BricktoberBuild #Bricktober #LetsPlay #ToysRUsKid #LEGO #Batman #free

via Photo by toysrus.

HAIL HYDRA! Marvel Legends Hydra Agent in Stock at ToysRUs.com

I was just checking to see if the Marvel Legends Black Cat was still in stock at ToysRUs.com (yes, she is), when I noticed another gem which is once again available – the Marvel Legends Hydra Agent from the Captain America Infinite Series. Now, I’m seriously out of display space, but I can’t help but pick up these guys whenever I find a deal – and you’ll have a hard time beating the regular price of $21.99. Sure, that “regular” price is a far cry from the good old days of army building Marvel Legends at Wal-Mart for $6.99 a pop, but you can insert yourself in the Cap movies and pretend it’s a Hydra plot to take over the world.

TRU has a limit of two on these bad boys, and while I can’t get them to qualify for ShopRunner free shipping, if you get two and add one more item, you can qualify for the standard TRU free shipping deal. Here’s a suggestion: the Funko Dancing Groot – it comes out at the end of the year, but TRU will still count it towards the $49 threshold. HAIL HYDRA!

Weekend Toy Run: Marvel Legends Black Cat In Stock at ToysRUs.com

Our good pal, Paul, wrote in with the heads up that Black Cat from the Marvel Legends Infinite Series for the Amazing Spider-Man is in stock at Toys R Us and available for home shipping. Grab her while you can, since she is normally out of stock at TRU and being marked up heavily on Amazon by third party sellers.

Paul also gave us a tip that your local TRU can take your order and have it shipped to you for free (if they are savvy enough). To add to that, if you have ShopRunner (I got it for free because I have an American Express card), Black Cat qualifies for free 2-day shipping for me on the website. Big thanks to Paul, and happy shopping!

Weekend Toy Run: Sideshow Collectibles 1/6 Scale Deadpool


One of the highlights from this year’s San Diego Comic-Con was the revelation that Sideshow Collectibles had acquired the license for comics-based Marvel figures in 1/6 scale. This is the first time in a long time that one toy company has been able to produce figures from the big two from the comics – sure, Hot Toys, of whom I’m a big fan, has had Marvel and DC for a long time, but that’s the movie stuff. I’m psyched for some compatible, universe-crossing comic book action.

And they’re starting with one of my favorites from the Marvel U – Deadpool. The Merc with a Mouth comes with all the accouterments that you’re accustomed to if you’re a fan of Sideshow’s DC, G.I. JOE, or Star Wars figures – the great sculpt, nicely detailed fabric apps, and weapons and accessories up the ying yang. But they’ve given Wade Wilson a little extra, given his penchant for cracking wise – Deadpool speech bubbles that you can add to your display via the included stand. The Sideshow exclusive version of Deadpool will also include Headpool, who will use his copter helmet to fly by Deadpool’s side (presumably using the same wires that support the speech bubbles).

Now it’s fighty time!

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