LEGO Reveals Avengers: Infinity War Sets

The embargo has finally lifted for Avengers: Infinity War, and the official launch date for licensed products is this Saturday, March 3rd. With that, LEGO has shared the details for the seven LEGO Marvel Super Heros sets for the movie that will all be available this weekend!

Product details may reveal some light spoilers. So while I quickly skimmed, I did notice that most of the sets come with specific Infinity Stone elements that you will want to collect, if you want to complete the Infinity Gauntlet in Thanos’ set.

Read on for the official pics and description.

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The Amazing Spider-Man: Fright Night 5 Helloween – Bill’s Comics

Halloween is right around the corner, and Bill is back with another classic comic. Check out Spider-Man as he teams up with the Punisher, Doctor Strange, and Ghost Rider, in Bill’s fifth installment of Fright Night – Helloween!

Be sure to check out the rest of Bill’s work here at AFP and the rest of the Fright Night series at Bill’s Comics.

The Amazing Spider-Man - Fright Night 5 - Helloween!
The Amazing Spider-Man – Fright Night 5 – Helloween!

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Weekend Toy Run: Marvel Legends Hulkbuster Wave On Sale at Kmart

Marvel Legends Hulkbuster wave - high res pics

Still on the market for the Marvel Legends Hulkbuster wave? Whether you’re looking for the entire wave or are just looking for one last remaining piece to complete the Build-a-Figure, you’re in luck. Kmart has the entire Marvel Legends Hulkbuster wave on sale for $16.99 each, marked down from $19.99. That beats Amazon’s price, which is normally $21.99, with some figures, like Valkyrie and Thundra marked up to $30 and higher by third party resellers.

Happy shopping Hulkbusting!

SDCC 2015 (and WebSwipe): Hasbro Reveals Exclusive Marvel Legends Dr. Strange Box Set –

Marvel Legends Dr. Strange SDCC 2015 exclusive box set

We’ve been anxiously awaiting news for Hasbro’s Marvel exclusive for San Diego Comic-Con, and broke the news – it’s a Marvel Legends box set built around Dr. Strange. With the Benedict Cumberbatch movie scheduled for November 2016, I’m guessing Marvel will do some teasers at their panel this year, but I wonder if┬áthis set may have been better suited for SDCC next year.

The packaging is a novel concept (no book-pun intended) – it’s in the form of Dr. Strange’s Book of the Vishanti. In the pages preceding the figures, the Book will feature artwork and profiles for the five figures included. We’ll get to them momentarily, but first wanted to highlight that included with the book is another prop – the mystical talisman, the Eye of Agamotto. With the Book of the Vishanti and the Eye of Agamotto in your possession, all you need to add is your own Cloak of Levitation, and you could be the next Sorcerer Supreme.

The figures themselves are a strange mix (also no pun intended.) The ones that make sense to me are Dr. Strange, in a translucent deco variant from the one that will ship with the Marvel Legends Hulkbuster wave; Brother Voodoo, who succeeded Strange as the Sorcerer Supreme; and Dormammu, Strange’s arch-enemy and ruler of the Dark Dimension. The inclusion of Hela and Magik (in her Marvel Now Darkchylde armor) seem tacked on. It may be lack of comic knowledge on my part, but I don’t know when Dr. Strange has had any significant interaction with the Goddess of Hel from Thor’s mythology or with the mutant sorceress and ruler of Limbo. While I’m not complaining to get either, I think the box set would have been stronger with Clea and Wong as supporting characters for Strange.

At $104.99, these sets are seeing a small┬áprice creep – the Thanos Imperative set from last year was $99.99

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Marvel Legends Hulkbuster Wave Hi-Res Pics

Marvel Legends Hulkbuster wave - high res pics

Hasbro has released hi-res pics of the upcoming Hulkbuster wave of Marvel Legends, and we’ve got them here in all their glory. The wave consists of War Machine from Avengers: Age of Ultron, the Marvel Now! Iron Man, Doctor Strange, the Vision, Blizzard, a re-do of Valkyrie, and Thundra from the Lady Liberators.

It looks like you’ll have to pick up all seven figures to make the build-a-figure Hulkbuster – not a surprise given its size. Pre-orders have not yet hit for the wave, but I’ll keep searching for Marvel Legends at Entertainment Earth and Amazon, for where I usually find the best deals on cases and individual figures respectively.

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