Update on Mer-Man® Sale (Mattycollector.com)

Don’t forget to order your Mer-Man tomorrow!  Faker sold out in under 4 hours.

Mer-Man (modern head)Alright, tell me… who loves ya, baby? You probably know the MOTU Classics figures have been selling out faster than we can make ’em. It’s great for the life of the line, but what about you guys? Well, to make sure as many fans can get new figures as possible, we’ve increased production starting with Mer-Man®, on sale April 15th! But because our increased order went in late, Mer-Man® will arrive in two separate shipments. Some will go on sale on April 15th, and the remaining stock will go on sale on or about April 23rd. Keep checking back because we’ll confirm this date once we lock it in.

Chances are, we’ll sell out of Mer-Man® on the first sale day, but don’t worry: with this plan, more stock will flow in and he’ll go back on sale a week or so later when the second shipment comes in.

Masters of the Universe LogoAnd what about Zodac® and Hordak™? We should be able to get our full increased allotment of Zodac® and Hordak™ on their first on-sale dates going forward, and if they still sell out in less than a week, we’re gonna increase production further.Our goal is for these figures to remain on sale for at least one to two weeks. See, without you fans, we’re nothing, nada, zip — so we’re gonna do everything we can to make the buying process as smooth as possible!

See ya in the toy aisles!


via Mattel Online Store.

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