DC Universe Classics Mini-Atom (ActionFigureInsider.com)

Action Figure Insider provided a first look at the mini-Atom pack-in that is slated to come with the Gentleman Ghost figure in DC Universe Classics 8.

DC Universe Classics 8 - mini-Atom pack-in
DC Universe Classics 8 - mini-Atom pack-in

There have been a lot of questions about Mattel’s DC Universe Classics Atom mini figure that is shipping in DCUC Wave 8 with the Gentlemen Ghost figure.  How big is it?  Is it articulated? Is it the original figure shrunk down?  Will it be on a base? Will it be the Ray Palmer costume? 

So far we’ve only seen the 2-up of the original Wave 5 figures in the NYCC 09 presentation as a place holder image and a very small picture of his head and shoulders peeking out from behind the chip insert on a carded sample that showed up on Ebay last week, but our friends at Mattel have now sent us turn-arounds of the figure so we can get a better idea of what we are getting. 

More pictures via Action Figure Insider – Best Toy News on the Web!