Mattel Reveals Secret Accessory for MOTU Classics Man-At-Arms

The Mattel crew at New York Comic-Con teased that Man-At-Arms would be coming with something special, and at the end of this week they revealed that it would be the Power Sword from the Masters of the Universe line from 2002.

I’m wondering how this will be received. One of the common complaints I hear from the few critics of the Masters of the Universe Classics is that the they prefer the re-imagining of the 2002 line to the retro vibe of Classics.  Now they’ve got their chocolate in our peanut butter!

maa_powersword3MOTU Man-At-Arms® Secret Accessory Revealed!

By Matty

MOTU Fans!

Ever since we announced at New York Comic-Con that the upcoming Man-At-Arms® would have a secret accessory, I’ve been fending off collectors trying to find out what it is. You’ve waited long enough and so without further ado, we hereby declare it to be… drum roll, please… the 2002 Power Sword!

Why the Power Sword? Check out the bio for Man-At-Arms® to learn all about him and his wicked weaponry. When you’re done, be sure to mark your calendar for July 15th, when Man-At-Arms® goes on sale only at! See ya online July 15th!



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