San Diego Comic-Con Hasbro Marvel Pics

It’s late (I forgot that I shouldn’t wait in lines on Preview Night – thank you for reminding me, Mattel!), so I’ll be brief with my comments.  Hasbro’s Marvel display had a lot to be excited about.

Update: Added the ML 2-Packs and and a few more pictures in most categories.

Marvel Legends 2-Packs – If the current wave of 2-packs sells, we should see white Ninja / Dum Dum Dugan, Sharon Carter / Stealth Iron Man, and Invisible Woman / Human Torch 2-packs hitting retail.

ML 2-packs - Hand Ninja vs. Dum Dum Dugan (1024x769).jpgML 2-packs - Sharon Carter and Stealth Iron Man (1024x768).jpgML 2-packs - Invisible Woman and Human Torch (1024x768).jpgML 2-packs - Dum Dum Dugan closeup (768x1024).jpgML 2-packs - Sharon Carter closeup (768x1024).jpgML 2-packs - Invisible Woman and Human Torch closeup (1024x768).jpg

Marvel Legends Fan Choice – Wow.  Eclectic choices.  Good looking figures that leverage lots of existing parts.  This will be a tough vote for the Fan Choice poll.

ML Fan Choice - Lady Bullseye (767x1024).jpgML Fan Choice - X-Force Wolverine (768x1024).jpgML Fan Choice - The Hood (769x1024).jpgML Fan Choice - Bi-Beast (769x1024).jpgML Fan Choice - Nuke (772x1024).jpgML Fan Choice - Phoenix (766x1024).jpgML Fan Choice - Madrox (769x1024).jpgML Fan Choice - Paper Bag Spidey (1024x769).jpgML Fan Choice - Valkyrie (769x1024).jpgML Fan Choice - Constrictor (1024x768).jpgML Fan Choice - Terror Inc. (763x1024).jpgML Fan Choice - Havok (768x1024).jpgML Fan Choice - Ms. Marvel 2 (764x1024).jpgML Fan Choice - Warpath (762x1024).jpgML Fan Choice - Black Widow (768x1024).jpgML Fan Choice - Deadpool (766x1024).jpgML Fan Choice - Fantomex (769x1024).jpgML Fan Choice - McGuinness Hulk (768x1024).jpgML Fan Choice - Brother Voodoo (771x1024).jpgML Fan Choice (1024x768).jpgML Fan Choice 2 (1024x768).jpgML Fan Choice all (1024x768).jpgML Fan Choice - Deadpool 2 (768x1024).jpgML Fan Choice - Deadpool 3 (768x1024).jpgML Fan Choice - Fantomex 2 (763x1024).jpgML Fan Choice - Ms Marvel (769x1024).jpgML Fan Choice - Black Widow 2 (770x1024).jpgML Fan Choice - Deadpool 4 (769x1024).jpgML Fan Choice - The Hood 2 (767x1024).jpgML Fan Choice - Havok 2 (769x1024).jpgML Fan Choice - Madrox 2 (770x1024).jpgML Fan Choice - Brother Voodoo 2 (768x1024).jpgML Fan Choice - Madrox 3 (766x1024).jpgML Fan Choice - Brother Voodoo 3 (772x1024).jpgML Fan Choice - Madrox 4 (765x1024).jpg

Iron Man 2 – This is a 3.75-inch line (yes, 6-inch fans, I too feel your pain), and they look good. Hasbro would like to do 6-inches too, but it’ll be tough to get shelf space for both. The line will have both movie and comic designs. Spider-Man (which I didn’t get photos of tonight) will also go to 3.75-inches too.

Iron Man 2 - wave 1 (1024x766).jpgIron Man 2 - Iron Men (1024x768).jpgIron Man 2 - Iron Men 2 (1024x768).jpgIron Man 2 - Iron Men 3 (1024x768).jpgIron Man 2 - Iron Men 4 (768x1024).jpgIron Man 2 - First Appearance, Crimson Dynamo, Classic, War Machine (1024x768).jpgIron Man 2 - Crimson Dynamo, Classic, War Machine (1024x768).jpgIron Man 2 - Mark I, Crimson Dynamo (1024x768).jpg

Marvel Universe

Single Carded Figures -I didn’t take extensive pics here – just what’s new.  I know there’s a lot of Legends fans that don’t want to embrace this scale, but I’m liking these figures too.  I can only imagine the angst Legends collectors are feeling over the Jim Lee Jean Grey and classic Sunfire.

Marvel Universe (1024x768).jpgMarvel Universe 2 (1024x768).jpgMarvel Universe - Vision (766x1024).jpgMarvel Universe - Sunfire (768x1024).jpgMarvel Universe - Jean Grey (768x1024).jpgMarvel Universe - Warpath (769x1024).jpgMarvel Universe - Ben Reilly Spider-Man (768x1024).jpgMarvel Universe - Guardian (770x1024).jpgMarvel Universe - Vision 2 (769x1024).jpgMarvel Universe - Thor (766x1024).jpgMarvel Universe - Cage (766x1024).jpgMarvel Universe - Extremis Iron Man (766x1024).jpgMarvel Universe - First Appearance Captain America (768x1024).jpgMarvel Universe - Bucky (767x1024).jpgMarvel Universe - Black Widow (768x1024).jpgMarvel Universe - Extremis Iron Man 2 (768x1024).jpgMarvel Universe - Cage 2 (764x1024).jpgMarvel Universe - Extremis Iron Man 3 (769x1024).jpgMarvel Universe - Thor 2 (765x1024).jpgMarvel Universe - Bucky 2 (766x1024).jpgMarvel Universe - Black Widow 2 (769x1024).jpgMarvel Universe - Extremis Iron Man 4 (736x1024).jpgMarvel Universe - Wolverine in training suit (prototype) (768x1024).jpg

Secret Wars – Waves 1 and 2 were on display.  That takes us through the end of this calendar year.  I’m a big Cyclops fan, and it’s nice to see the classic condom-head done well.  More angst with classic Ultron being done in 3.75-inches when Legends fans have been clamoring for one ever since the Marvel Ultimate Alliance design was made for the 6-inch scale.  I like these for the most part, but the unmasked ones could use stronger paint apps in the eyes.

MU Secret Wars - Thor and Enchantress (1024x769).jpgMU Secret Wars - Hawkeye and Piledriver (1024x770).jpgMU Secret Wars - Cyclops and Hulk (1024x770).jpgMU Secret Wars - Iron Man and Spider-Woman (1024x771).jpgMU Secret Wars - Spider-Man and Magneto (1024x771).jpgMU Secret Wars - Mr. Fantastic and Ultron (1024x766).jpgMU Secret Wars - Thor and Enchantress 2 (1024x768).jpgMU Secret Wars - Hawkeye and Piledriver 2 (1024x768).jpgMU Secret Wars - Thor and Enchantress 3 (1024x768).jpg

Gigantic Battles – Only 2 pics here and nothing else on display.  I hope these sell well, because I like the concept.

MU Gigantic Battles - Captain America and Giant Skrull (768x1024).jpgMU Gigantic Battles - Iron Man and Goliath (768x1024).jpgMU Gigantic Battles - Iron Man with Goliath (766x1024).jpgMU Gigantic Battles - MU Gigantic Battles - Golaith closeup (766x1024).jpgMU Gigantic Battles - Iron Man (769x1024).jpgMU Gigantic Battles - Captain America vs. Skrull Giant Man (768x1024).jpgMU Gigantic Battles - Skrull Giant Man closeup (768x1024).jpgMU Gigantic Battles - Captain America (770x1024).jpgMU Gigantic Battles - Golaith variant (771x1024).jpgMU Gigantic Battles - Golaith variant 2 (768x1024).jpg

OK, I have another quick post to make (if I can stay up) and then it’s off to bed.  There’s some pics in here that I’m not happy with, so I’ll go back to shoot them again.  If you have any requests, please be sure to add the to the comments for the page.  I should have a more extensive write-up after the Hasbro Marvel panel on Saturday.

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  1. I’d love to get my hands on those Gigantic Battles figures but their being Walmart exclusive will make them damn near impossible to find.

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