San Diego Comic-Con Mattel DC Universe Classics and MOTU Classics Pics

After a one and a half hour wait in Mattel’s exclusives line, I gave up and went to take some pictures.  Shout out to’s Bam Bam, who held the spot in line for almost all of Preview Night before throwing in the white towel – it was clear we wouldn’t get to make any purchases there tonight.

In any case, we got to make a quick pass through Mattel.

DC Universe Classics – Production figures for Wave 9 were on hand.  Chemo has bubble effects added.  This wave looks really clean.  Also, 2-ups for the Joker and Power Girl.  The Joker will come with the Joker Fish accessory (unfortunately obscured in my pic).

DCUC9 - Black Canary, Green Arrow, Wildcat and variant (1024x768).jpgDCUC9 - Chemo, Black Adam, Mantis and variant, and Deadshot (1024x768).jpgDCUC9 - Chemo (768x1024).jpgDCUC10 - Joker 2-up (768x1024).jpgDCUC10 - Power Girl 2-up (769x1024).jpg

Masters of the Universe Classics – Battle Cat!  He’s huge, and at $30, seems like a lot of value for me.  I dig Teela’s skullcap.  And it looks like those battle stands will fit together – I’ll ask if they’ll interlock.

MOTU Classics - Battle Cat (1024x765).jpgMOTU Classics - Battle Cat 2 (1024x768).jpgMOTU Classics - Teela (769x1024).jpgMOTU Classics - Teela 2 (1024x768).jpgMOTU Classics - Webstor (1024x768).jpgMOTU Classics - Battle Stands (1024x768).jpg

Mattel has its panels on Friday.  I expect to have a lot more pictures afterward.  Leave a comment if there’s anything specific you want to see.

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  1. WOW! Battlecat! Can you ask when Matty would re-stock on MOTUC He-man? not getting him is the only thing thats holding me back from junping in the line.

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