San Diego Comic-Con Toynami and Bandai Pics

Just getting more San Diego Comic-Con pics cleaned up and posted.  In this installment, I’ve got Futurama figures from Toynami and a bunch of robots from Bandai.

Futurama – I became a big fan of the show after a friend relentlessly badgered me to watch it after it had been canceled.  I never picked up any figures, just not my style, but with the new Toynami figures coming out, there’s an opportunity for folks looking to start up a collection now that more episodes have been picked up by Comedy Central for 2010.

IMG_3440 (1024x768).jpgIMG_3441 (1024x769).jpgIMG_3442 (1024x768).jpgIMG_3443 (1024x770).jpgIMG_3444 (1024x770).jpgIMG_3445 (1024x768).jpgIMG_3446 (1024x769).jpgIMG_3447 (1024x767).jpgIMG_3448 (1024x768).jpgIMG_3449 (1024x769).jpgIMG_3450 (1024x768).jpgIMG_3451 (1024x735).jpg

Gundam, Robotech, and a whole bunch of other stuff I know nothing about – Robots are cool, and toys of robots are extra cool.  I don’t really know anything about Gundam or Robotech, or any of the properties that are included in this jumble of pics.  I used to watch Mazinger-Z when I was a kid, when we visited relatives in the Philippines.  The shows were in Japanese, so I never knew what people were saying, just that animated robots fighting was pretty fun to watch.  As cool as these things are, I’m glad I don’t collect them, because I’d be broke.

IMG_3368 (697x946).jpgIMG_3369 (754x1024).jpgIMG_3370 (768x1024).jpgIMG_3371 (1024x768).jpgIMG_3372 (765x1024).jpgIMG_3373 (769x1024).jpgIMG_3374 (769x1024).jpgIMG_3375 (753x1024).jpgIMG_3376 (1024x764).jpgIMG_3377 (1024x767).jpgIMG_3378 (1024x765).jpgIMG_3379 (763x1024).jpgIMG_3380 (1024x766).jpgIMG_3381 (1024x768).jpgIMG_3383 (769x1024).jpgIMG_3384 (1024x770).jpgIMG_3385 (1024x738).jpgIMG_3386 (797x1024).jpgIMG_3387 (766x1024).jpgIMG_3388 (1024x767).jpgIMG_3389 (1024x751).jpgIMG_3390 (753x1024).jpgIMG_3391 (1024x745).jpgIMG_3392 (1024x710).jpgIMG_3393 (766x1024).jpgIMG_3394 (1024x771).jpgIMG_3395 (1024x769).jpgIMG_3396 (767x1024).jpgIMG_3397 (1024x768).jpgIMG_3398 (1024x769).jpgIMG_3399 (1024x768).jpgIMG_3400 (730x1024).jpgIMG_3401 (1024x767).jpgIMG_3402 (1024x767).jpgIMG_3403 (1024x768).jpgIMG_3404 (1024x768).jpgIMG_3405 (1024x767).jpgIMG_3406 (1024x767).jpgIMG_3407 (1024x767).jpgIMG_3408 (1024x768).jpgIMG_3409 (766x1024).jpgIMG_3410 (1024x769).jpgIMG_3411 (766x1024).jpgIMG_3412 (1024x767).jpgIMG_3413 (1024x768).jpgIMG_3414 (1024x768).jpgIMG_3415 (1024x768).jpgIMG_3416 (1024x767).jpgIMG_3417 (768x1024).jpgIMG_3418 (742x1024).jpgIMG_3419 (1024x768).jpgIMG_3420 (1024x767).jpgIMG_3421 (1024x762).jpgIMG_3422 (1024x768).jpgIMG_3423 (1024x770).jpgIMG_3424 (766x1024).jpgIMG_3425 (1024x767).jpgIMG_3426 (1024x768).jpgIMG_3427 (1024x785).jpgIMG_3428 (1024x760).jpgIMG_3429 (1024x751).jpgIMG_3430 (1024x768).jpgIMG_3431 (1024x768).jpgIMG_3432 (1024x769).jpgIMG_3433 (1024x767).jpgIMG_3434 (1024x768).jpgIMG_3435 (766x1024).jpgIMG_3436 (1024x764).jpgIMG_3437 (768x1024).jpgIMG_3438 (768x1024).jpgIMG_3439 (1024x741).jpgIMG_3452 (1024x768).jpgIMG_3453 (770x1024).jpgIMG_3454 (768x1024).jpg

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  1. Was this a one-off on Toynami’s Futurama line?

    Would be nice to see something on their new figures announced at ToyFair 2010

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