SDCC 2015: Funko Exclusives Reveals Week 1 of 3

SDCC 2015 Funko Exclusives Reveals Week 1 of 3

I never realized just how many exclusives Funko produces each year for San Diego Comic-Con. They’re revealing them in batches, and we’ve collected the first week’s announcements here. They span their Dorbz, Hikari, Pop, ReAction, and Vinyl Idolz product lines, and covers their DC, Marvel, Disney, Hanna Barbera, Ghostbusters, Breaking Bad, and Dragonball Z licenses… just to name a few!

Unlike previous years, Funko is not offering the option to pre-order.

We should have two more updates with more Funko exclusives before the big show.

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Toynami Announces End of Futurama License

We were reminded the other day about Toynami ending its Naruto line, and today were bummed to hear about the end of the line for its Futurama license. The animated series aired its final episode (for now, we hope) back in September last year, and the show coming to its end had already impacted the toy line with figures being reshuffled and cancelled.

Toynami had tried to give some additional life to the line with a planned Kickstarter campaign, but that sadly never materialized. Morbo provided one of my favorite moments on Futurama.

(Photo credit: Toyark)

Dear Futurama Friends,

After a long and glorious run since 2006 making collectible toys for the highly revered series, it has come time to bid Futurama farewell. We are sad to announce 2014 will be the final year of our licensing agreement with Fox Studios for the Futurama property. We have now entered into a sell-through phase of our agreement, which means we will not be making any new products such as the Morbo figure, nor can we independently create any new products via a Kickstarter or similar campaign. Any products currently in production will be completed and continue to be sold until the end of the year.

Thanks to Fox for an excellent partnership, and we thank you for all your support through the years!

via Toynami.

Toynami Celebrates Online Shop Opening and Cyber Monday with Free Shipping Deal


Toynami recently opened the Toynami Shop, their online store. And low and behold, it’s stocked with exclusives from San Diego Comic Con and Comikaze. I can tell you, if I’d known these items would be available online way after the shows were over, it would have saved my wife some stress. She is nuts over the Sanrio / Street Fighter plush mashups, and braved the insane lines at SDCC for the Badtz Ryu exclusive. Then when we figured out we couldn’t make it to Comikaze, we had to figure out a way to get our hands on the Hello Kitty Blanka. I also heard that a lot of Futurama fans were unable to get the hook-up at SDCC for the Gender Bender set.

So, if you missed out, get them now! Need your arm twisted? For Cyber Monday, Toynami is offering free shipping on all orders until December 6.

Veterans Day Sales for Urban Vinyl Design Toys at Kidrobot and myplasticheart

wwwkidrobotcom_medium_image3_41572 featuring_veteransdaysale

Online and in store, nothing like a Veterans Day sale even when you don’t get the day off from work and Black Friday is 17 days away.

Lots of vinyl toys, including the latest Marvel designer vinyls, Street Fighter, Futurama, and more.


STGCC 2013: Interview with Nathan Hamill by Jedd

Nathan Hamill with Jedd

Here’s a wrap-up of Jedd’s STGCC coverage with an interview with Nathan Hamill, artist and toy designer, who coincidentally is one of Mark Hamill’s kids. He talks with Jedd about toys, art, comics, and, yes, a little bit about Star Wars.

Jedd: Welcome to Singapore!

Nathan: Thank you!

Are you having a good time so far?

Excellent. First time here and it’s stunning, it’s incredible. The weather was perfect yesterday; it’s great so far.

I had a look at your Twitter feed, really cool stuff. Beneath your handle, it says “I makes what I likes.” What do you think has been the most rewarding thing of living by that maxim?

Yeah, “I makes what I likes” is just… first of all, I think it’s funny because it’s using improper English, which makes me laugh. Like “I makes what I likes,” yeah… I try to keep it as simple as that. So yeah, my motto, “I makes what I likes,” at the end of the day it should come down to whether or not it’s something that you enjoy, not to be too convoluted about what your themes and what your concepts are. Yeah, that stuff is good and fine but I guess I’m trying to… you know, take things less seriously.

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