Marvel Universe 2010 Wave 1 Press Pics

Marvelous News has posted press pics of the first wave of of Marvel Universe due in 2010.  With this series, Hasbro is shifting the Marvel Universe theme from Nick Fury and SHIELD to Normal Osborne and HAMMER, following the Dark Reign story line currently underway in Marvel Comics.  The numbering scheme will begin at #1 again, as this will be the “2nd edition” of Marvel Universe.

Getting a Jim Lee Jean Grey and Sunfire in Marvel Universe is sure to raise the hackles of Legends collectors who have been clamoring for those characters in 6-inches – to me, this demonstrates the commitment of the Hasbro Marvel team to make Universe the best it can be.  The Logan in the X-Men training outfits was not shown in the main showcase display at San Diego Comic-Con, but we did manage to find him in the large Marvel Universe diorama.  At the show, Hasbro said that the figure was just a prototype and hadn’t been slotted into a wave yet.

I’m not a big fan of Hasbro’s heavily manipulated press shots.  For a better look, check out the pictures from our San Diego Comic-Con coverage.

2010 Wave 1 Marvel Universe Figure Images

We first showed you these a few weeks ago at the San Diego Comic Con, and now we bring you some new images of Hasbro’s first wave of Marvel Universe figures for 2010. Shown are the following figures:

  • House of M Spider-Man
  • Jean Grey (90’s)
  • Logan (X-Men Uniform)
  • Sunfire
  • The Vision
  • Warpath (X-Force)

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