Masters of the Universe Classics Webstor –

TheFwoosh scores again, with an early look at the next figure coming out for Masters of the Universe Classics, Webstor.  Unlike VeeBee, I never had a Webstor figure when I was a kid, and I don’t really remember him from the cartoon.  Don’t hold that against me.

He does have the distinction of having his original action figure come out the same year as Jitsu, way back in 1984.  And like Jitsu, Webstor didn’t get re-released in the 200X Masters line, but did get some love as a Staction from the Four Horsemen and NECA.  All I’m saying is, when is this travesty going to end?

Mattel, give us a Jitsu already! 😀

Webstor goes on sale on September 15 on


I know a lot of people are big fans of the 200x Webstor redesign, and with good cause – I think it was one of the strongest re-imaginations. I am a classic-head though, so even though Webstor is one of my favorites, I never owned the Staction. This figure was worth waiting for though, and not to fear 200x, as you have seen, the extra arms on his back are a great homage to the modern design without sacrificing the overall classic feel.

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