NECA Temple of the Serpent Conan the Barbarian

Between Conan and Terminator 2, NECA has got Ahhhnold nailed.  I love the headsculpts on all of them, but would really be psyched for a super-articulated Conan.  With very limited articulation, these figures hold just one main pose, essentially making them statues.

Conan the Exterminator

If you’ve got serpents, he’s got a giant sword.

Our new Temple of the Serpent Conan the Barbarian 7″ figure has his blade held high and ready to strike!

Honoring visionary author Robert E. Howard’s legendary Conan the Barbarian character and boasting an impeccable likeness to a certain Caleefornian governor, this new Conan comes with his sword and articulation at the neck, wrists, waist and boots. The articulation in the boots is especially handy when it comes to crushing serpent heads.

In his ongoing fight against the Serpent Men and their god Set, Conan stands poised for battle, his carefully sculpted muscles tensed and anxious for blood. The cold Schwarzenegger gaze is unmistakable, but this Temple of the Serpent Conan goes even further, putting you in the moment just before the death-blow is delivered, just when the action is at its peak. It is the ultimate recreation of the ultimate Cimmerian.

Temple of the Serpent Conan the Barbarian hits stores soon and will also available at our Amazon storefront.

via || National Entertainment Collectibles Association, Inc..