James Cameron’s Avatar Movie Toys Hitting Stores

If you’re confused about the Avatar figures from Mattel that are hitting shelves right now, I’m right there with you.  James Cameron is making a new sci-fi epic coming out this December called “Avatar,” which has nothing to do with the cartoon called “Avatar: The Last Airbender.”   M. Night Shyamalan is adapting the Airbender cartoon to the big screen, coming out next summer.  Adding to the confusion is that Mattel made the toys for the cartoon.  It’s so convoluted that the cartoon adaptation has dropped “Avatar” from its name, and will go by simply “The Last Airbender.”  Clear as mud!

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The toys hitting shelves right now at Toys R Us are for Cameron’s Avatar.  Mattel has let us know that the first allotment of figures will feature an exclusive sticker on the packaging, if that’s your kind of thing.

Hey Avatar™ Collectors!

tru_stickerREV1Check this out… when James Cameron’s Avatar™ products went on sale last week, and the basic and deluxe Avatar™ action figures sold at Toys ‘R Us stores have an exclusive “Premier Launch Edition” sticker on the packaging!

You won’t be able to get them anywhere — or anytime — else. The stickers are only on products sold at Toys ‘R Us and only in the initial run of products. Once they’re gone, that’s it forever.

So if you’re an Avatar™ fan, where are you headed right now? Toys ‘R Us, of course!


via MattyCollector.com Online Store.

I’m somewhat intrigued by the iTags, which by virtue of your webcam and a special website, www.avataritag.com (update – the iTag site is now live!), will add online interactivity to your Avatar toys.

For more info on the Avatar toys, check these out:

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  1. I wonder if having an exclusive or premiere sticker on the box really helps to sell figures. As a person that likes to rip into the packaging, I could not care less about the bubble on the package. I know that there are purists that love to display their toys in-pack, but I do not see that this movie is going to be big enough to warrant people keeping their toys in-pack. The fun of toy collecting. We will see.

  2. avatar is so awesome!!I wish our World was just as cool as theirs….I wish we could live,feel things,and do things that they do!!!

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