Border Patrol: Micronauts, Dark X-Men, Optimus Prime, Shadow Weaver

In AFP’s Border Patrol, we scour active eBay auctions for customized action figure that you won’t want to let slip by!

Micronauts with comics

Micronauts with Comics – now, as customs these are just ok, but do find the auction interesting in light of the news that Hasbro will be relaunching Micronauts in 2010 – with Hasbro holding Marvel license too, might we see some of these fan favorites at long last? – ends Nov 07, 200917:12:13 PST

Dark X-Men - Daken, Emma Frost, NamorDark X-Men - Weapon Omega, MimicDark X-Men - Cloak and Dagger

Dark X-Men Set – with Marvel Legends limited to one set of 2-packs next year (at least as far as we know), you’ll never have a better chance to get this team of X-Men baddies (or are they?) – ends Nov 08, 200916:33:42 PST

Optimus PrimeOptimus Prime truck mode

Optimus Prime – I have so much admiration for the guys like THYVIPERA who can take a highly engineered toy and upgrade it – ends Nov 08, 200918:25:38 PST

Shadow WeaverShadow Weaver 2

MOTU Classics Shadow Weaver – since Shadow Weaver is a Filmation character, right now Mattel does not have the license to include her in their Masters of the Universe Classics line – ends Nov 15, 200916:49:39 PST

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