Masters of the Universe Classics He-Man Re-release Press Pics

We’re still waiting for carded pics of Battle Cat, but for now Mattel has published images of the upcoming He-Man re-release.  He’ll be available on November 16 with Scareglow.  The inclusion of “The Original” on the packaging is a nod back to the original toy line, when re-releases included that designation.

I have the original release, and am pondering whether to pickup another He-Man.  Right now I’m leaning towards passing – I don’t mind the paint apps on the first, and it’ll already be a big month with the DC Universe Classics Color of Fear 2-pack.  But this will still be a great opportunity for folks who want to jump into the line.

He-Man re-release images

As you know, He-Man is coming back to on Nov 16th. We made a few minor corrections to the pain [sic] ops (specially pushing back on the gloss and the red around his eyes) and corrected the crotch joint.

His packaging also has a new “The Original” burst. This burst will be used throughout the line on all second run figures (i.e. Skeletor in December) to help mint in package collectors tell the first and second release apart.

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