First Look – Masters of the Universe Classics King Randor –

December is a huge month for – three Masters of the Universe Classics figures, the Animal Instincts 2-pack for DC Universe Classics, two Ghostbusters (Winston in 6-inches and Egon in 12), and a Dark Knight Movie Masters.  Fwoosh is kicking off its First Looks with the MOTU Classics King Randor.  Honestly, if I didn’t have a subscription I might be passing on Randor.  He was a big guy on the show, but in the armor I think he’s a bit too thick.

On the plus side, VeeBee reminded me that the armor puts us one step closer to Jitsu! 😀  And stay tuned for more First Looks – I think the Goddess may be next.


The figure itself, as mentioned before, is very true to the original – he has a very detailed and stern look to him with his essential crown and kingly beard. I know a lot of people (even Toy Guru at SDCC 2009) have made reference to the fact that he closely resembles another king – a certain Highness of Hamburgers, but I would be too afraid to address him as such because he would probably kick your butt. Yes, He-Man is the dedicated Champion of Eternia, but if Adam never changed out of his purple tights and pink vest, Randor would probably be holding the line against any onslaught of evil.


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