Masters of the Universe Classics Battle Cat Packaged Pics

The long wait since Matty’s first Masters of the Universe Classics Battle Cat tease (so long ago now I can’t remember it) is over.  Toy Guru had cited some issues with Battle Cat’s helmet falling off while in package, so I hope that’s been resolved for you MOC collectors out there.

Here’s what’s coming our way in right around Valentine’s Day.  Fitting, because I’m in love.

MOTU Battle Cat® Sneak Preview

MOTU Fans!

You’ve been patiently (and for some, impatiently) waiting for the Fighting Tiger of Eternia® to arrive. While you’ll still have to wait just a little bit longer, here’s your first official sneak peak at the packaging for Battle Cat®!


Battle Cat® is the first beast figure in the MOTU line. This fully-articulated, incredibly detailed figure has been crafted so He-Man® fits in the saddle (as will most other MOTU characters) so he can securely ride his iconic green feline into battle! He comes with removable armor and helmet, his saddle holds the Sword of Power, and it’s all packed safely in a window box package.


This cool kitty goes on sale Monday, February 15th, and as always is the only place you’ll find guaranteed genuine Masters of the Universe® figures. We can send a reminder right to your inbox, so click here to register for email. I also announce reminders on Twitter so follow me there, too!

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