Masters of the Universe Classics Princess Adora, Battle Armor He-Man, and Re-Issued Beast Man on Sale January 15

For those of you still recovering after the big sale day on this month, I’m sorry to say that you might not get a break in January.  Mattel just updated the store with the Masters of the Universe Classics items for 1/15, and in addition to Princess Adora from She-Ra, we’ve got Battle Armor He-Man and a re-issue of Beast Man as bonus figures.

I’ve got a Club Eternia subscription, so I’ll be getting Princess Adora, but Battle Armor He-Man was one of my favorite figures as a kid, so I’ll definitely be picking him up too.  I wish Mattel and Digital River would figure out how to combine orders so I don’t keep getting hit with multiple shipping charges.  Adding the bonus figures to the subscription isn’t the solution, either, because I also would want to include purchases from the other lines like Ghostbusters and DC Universe Classics.  Is it really so hard to fix this?

Princess Adora, Battle Armor® He-Man® & Beast Man® On Sale 1/15

MOTU Fans,

The first sale of 2010 is only a month away and it’s gonna be total MOTU madness! Friday, January 15th marks our first offering ever of both Princess Adora and the ridiculously cool Battle Armor® He-Man® who comes with swappable armor plates.

We’ve also got a reissue of Beast Man®, so if he escaped your collection the first time we offered him, here’s your chance to snag one.

As usual, the fun starts here at at 12:00 noon Eastern (9:00am Pacific), so remember to mark your calendar. You can also click here to register for email and we’ll send a reminder to your inbox.


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