Masters of the Universe Classics Trap Jaw and Wun-Dar Packaged Pics

We’ve seen Battle Cat already (after a long long wait) but Trap Jaw and Wun-Dar packaged gives us more to anticipate for Valentine’s Day.  Wun-Dar, and the 30×20 map of Eternia, were originally expected in March, but I’m not complaining about getting him early.  Trap Jaw, and his “before” state of Kronis, round out the MOTU figures for February (what, no re-release?) – and that’s a lot of awesome to get your arms around.

Also, this Tuesday is the big sale day, and Mattel has put together a bundled order page to make things easier.

Finally, a note on Evil-Lyn, the MOTU Classics figure for April – Mattel has clarified on their Facebook page that there is not an Evil-Lyn chase figure as was reported by Lee’s, but that there is more to be revealed.  You can see pics of Evil-Lyn in Toy Fare and Lee’s this week.

New MOTU Classic figures coming in February!

Check out these new MOTU Classic figures coming February 15th only on!

  • Trap Jaw – $20.00 – Club Eternia Figure
  • Battle Cat $30.00 – Bonus figure
  • Wun-Dar (only available to Club Eternia Members)

Wun-Dar will be mailed out automatically to all Club Members. (the subscription fee paid at sign up covers this figure). Club members will also recieve an exclusive map of Eternia which contains secrets of the Elders on the backside! These secrets can not be shared with anyone who is not a member! Anyone caught sharing them (or posting them online) will be cursed by the black magicians of the Dark Hemisphere forever! So guard these secrets with all your power!


Battle Cat is the first oversized figure. He will be $30.00 and is not part of the Club Eternia subscription. First come first serve on this one!


Here is the back of the Battle Cat box.

Trap Jaw front

Trap Jaw contains all the parts for Trap Jaw and Kronis. He includes an interchangable head and arm as well as three weapon attachments. His jaw opens and closes too! He is the club Eternia figure. If you are a member you will be billed automatically and he will be shipped.

Trap Jaw back

Here is the back of Trap Jaw with his bio!

Wun-Dar front

Here is Wun-Dar the Savage He-Man! He is only available to Club members. You will automatically receive one Wun-Dar figure for each subscription you purchased. Wun-Dar will not be available for sale. Subscribers will also receive a map of Eternia folded as a 10X10 square with Wun-Dar. (it folds out to 30 X 20)

Wun-Dar back

Here is Wun-Dar’s bio.

You will receive one map and one Wun-Dar for every subscription you purchased.

See you online! And don’t forget Goddess and Randor on sale Dec 15th only on!


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