Mattel Avatar 3.75-Inch Line

James Cameron’s Avatar is opening today, and JonWesley has shared some great pics of his 3.75-inch Avatar collection from Mattel. I’m not collecting these, but think they’re a pretty good effort from Mattel, particularly in the vehicle department.

Let me know how you like the movie!

ampsuit.jpgaugustine_chacon-teamup.jpgAvatar Toy Collection.jpgavatar2.jpgavatarsig.jpgCPLwainfleet-grinder-artic.jpgCPLwainfleet-with-grinder.jpgdirehorse2.jpgfikeongrinder.jpgquaritch-spellman-sully.jpgquartichAMP.jpgthanatorvsampsuit2.jpg

For many more pictures, please visit the James Cameron’s Avatar Merchandise, Promotion & Toys group pool.

These and other Avatar collectibles can be purchased at and

One thought on “Mattel Avatar 3.75-Inch Line”

  1. Want to see the very first Thanator prototype drawing posted way back in 2000AD? Then Check out “Critters 14″ by Tralfaz Aquilleon—Or just type ” Tairlanga ” into your search box to see the original ancestors of the Na’Vi themselves! These pics are old folks! Really OLD! But well worth the look see! I guarantee it!

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